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Two weeks and counting...

UPDATE 3/11: It appears that the cars have been removed.

As a Northside resident, I have been witness to the collection of burned out vehicles that started to appear in the park on Mowere Rd. in January. There was no explanation for their appearance until the Phoenix ran an article on Feb. 17th indicating that the cars were to be used by the fire department in an effort to receive the '1006 Core Rescue Certification in Vehicle and Machine Rescue'. The article then went on to say 'Gable said once the training is completed, the vehicles will be removed from the property by Pejey's Auto Body, Phoenixville.'

Well, its now March 9th, training finished up on the 22nd of February, and the cars remain. Since Councilman Senley has all but dropped off the grid, I have decided to email our other councilman, Mr. Richard Kirkner. I urge other northside residents to do the same. His email address is


Anonymous said…
Senley dropping off the face of the earth is shameful. Henry Wagner all but spanked him at the last council meeting and Senley's only response was "work related". Well I'm sorry Ms. Senley but you signed up for the job, now at least see it through. If you're going through a tough time then get over it. We all go through tough times. But in true Senley fashion his only reaction is to pout. Hey Jeff, "how's that working for ya?" - remember those words?????
Anonymous said…
The Parks and Property Committee meets Tuesday night at 6 pm (before the regularly scheduled Council meeting). E-mail is always good, but one can also mention the issue at Public Participation for both the Committee meeting and the Council Meeting.

"Bodies in the room" usually gets results.

I've emailed Senley on issues and had him respond. My impression is that he was only cutting back his blog, but he can certainly speak for himself.
Anonymous said…
Cutting back his blog? His attendance at council meeting, prior to the previous 2 in a row he missed (without any notification to council), was abysmal and disrespectful to the position he was voted into by us (the tax payer).
Anonymous said…
Senley should resign. He is missing far too many meetings.
Anonymous said…
When is that property supposed to be built up as a park? When we moved to Northridge, we were told there would be a baseball field and other equipment installed. Three years and nothing. Does anyone know?
Anonymous said…
Anonymous 3/9/09 6:23 PM:

The recession happened and Friendship Field went into cost overruns. We're maxed out with the state and the county.

It will take $5 million dollars to create Veteran's Memorial Park. Donations from Northridge residents (who can probably afford it) will make it happen faster.
Anonymous said…
I agree the Northridge project needs attention and it seems to be moving at a snails pace.

As far as Councilman Senley, he has quickly proved he is not up to working on a government council. He has zero people skills and he has proven to be lazy, lazy council person.
Anonymous said…
Check the record whoever you are from the Dem. commitee and you will find that Carlos has missed more meetings.Where is it written that a councilperson has to have a blog?Get some class and do something positive for PV instead of hiding behind your computer with your childish bashing.No one wants to hear your negatives.
Anonymous said…
Oh, I'm sorry, did I make you angry Jeff? Did I interrupt your gaming filled night?
Anonymous said…
I emailed Rich and Jeff about the cars and they both responded.
Anonymous said…
Rich and Jeff are like Abbott and Costello. Rich is just a blowhard who likes to hear himself talk and Jeff is the moody, cranky child. They both are elitist and think they're smarter than everyone. Between them they can't make up one set of baseballs.
Anonymous said…
So just because someone lives in Northridge, they can afford to donate? So you're saying that people who live in town on Gay Street and such can't?
Anonymous said…
If you're emailing your council members, please put a PS and ask them to take down the Christmas lights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
This is from Charmingly Linda's owner attacking a store owner in Pville. I hope no one stands for this and lets this nimwit know he won't get away with this. Although Ellies is not my choice of shopping, she is a decent woman and provides a nice shop in town. Why would anyone attack her???

Courtesy of The Phoenix News opinion blog direct from Michael Weinstein, owner of Charmingly Lindas:

" I was also wondering about the liability of a town employee giving out liquor to the public during a town sponsored event.

Anyway....I could have predicted the closing of businesses in the downtown. Thats why we left. No customers. March is our 2 year anniv. since moving our business out of the downtown. Best move we ever made. Heck, we are paying less rent on the main line and we have more customers. Customers with JOBS! All Barry could do when we left was bad mouth us. What a lovely town leader! Barry wont leave Phoenixville, He is the king there. King of loser town! What a claim! And his blog just proves his unprofessionalism!

I dont think the rumor was Elle was closing. I think it was Ellie SHOULD be closing. Just got mixed up in whisper down the lane. Its nice for a junk shop with outdated merchandise! I always feel good knowing she is in her sidewalk chair, talking on the phone, puffing away.

Phoenixville is just a drinking town. Barry knows it, hence his bar expansion plan. A bar on every corner, and then some.

Yes, the town is great for arts and beer. Yes, we will wait and see first fridays are crowded. People will flock for free music and beer. But day time retail is just not there. At all. So if you like having a business that does well with drunks, 1 friday per month, then Phoenixville is the place for you!

Happy to be out of Pville, Michael Weinstein @ Charmingly Lindas Quality Consignments. "
Anonymous said…
To Michael Weinstein,
Your comments are just rude and un-called for! Just because your store had issues doesn't make it ok for you to bad mouth anyone! It just shows your ignorance! Obviously your jealous! Ellie has been there for many years! Good luck on your store, and what is it again? Because honestly for you being around for a few years, I haven't heard of you or your GREAT store! If it was so great how comes you didn't stay?
Barb Vanderslice
Anonymous said…
Is the Michael Weinstein blog online? I'd like to respond, but when I searched online at I couldn't find it. It would be great if we could all respond to his comment.
Anonymous said…
Speaking of crap merchandise, you can find it at Charmingly Linda's, now on the Main Line (la tee da).
Anonymous said…
Here is their website which you can write to them directly. They are a disgraceful business and have a horrible reputation in Exton also.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Yes, I found the website, but I couldn't find the blog. I wanted to respond publicly.
Anonymous said…
you can also review them at places like
Anonymous said…
I can verify that the cars have been removed and that there have been earth movers sighted there on 3/12 AND 3/13
Anonymous said…
I think if Jeff Senley showed up for meetings, then maybe we could get some work done. I'm sorry to hear he's been "very busy". I'm sorry, we're all not as busy as Jeff, and its a shame to see it seems to be an issue only specific to Jeffey.

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