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Gay Street Bridge to come down in April '07

Another interesting news item that came out of yesterday's Chamber of Commerce breakfast was that the Gay Street Bridge reconstruction project is tentatively scheduled to begin in April, 2007.

When asked about the Gay Street Bridge, DiGirolomo said that April 2007 is targeted for the bridge.
"We will put bids for demolition and construction at the same time," he said. "PennDOT is offering to put a leased fire truck and personnel on the north side. They've been very responsive."
DiGirolomo concluded by praising the borough for its continued revitalization.
"We offer things that other places don't offer," he said. "We are known. After all of these years, my parents are thinking of moving here."

As a north side resident I'll admit to being a bit concerned as to what this will do to traffic but I think it is something that can't happen soon enough. The bridge is an eyesore at best and a serious hazard at worse. Here is to hoping t…

Iron Hill Opening on Sept. 24

Kevin Finn, owner of Iron Hill Brewery, indicated at yesterday's Chamber of Commerce breakfast that the new restaurant/brew pub will open its doors on Sept. 24.

"Our goal is to open in late September - September 24," said Finn. "The brewery tanks are there. The large pizza ovens are there. We were at the F.A.M.E. Festival and got to serve beer and meet a lot of the residents."

Having been to the Iron Hill's in Media and West Chester I am sure this will be a welcome addition to the Bridge Street restaurant scene.

For more information on this and other topics covered at the COC breakfast, please see the article in The Phoenix.