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New Restaurants Coming to Phoenixville?

File this under rumors as its coming from the same source that indicated Majolica closed its doors for good, something that at least appears to be in doubt based on what is now posted on Majolica's website. Regardless, according to Michael Klein's blog on, Phoenixville will soon be home to Johnny's New Orleans Pizza Kitchen and Daddy Mims' Creole BYOB.

John Mims to surface in Phoenixville

Chef John Mims says he's going back to his Louisiana roots with side-by-side restaurants on the main drag of Phoenixville.

Johnny's New Orleans Pizza Kitchen and Daddy Mims' Creole BYOB are to open soon at 150 Bridge St., formerly occupied by That's Italian and Paninis.

Mims says the pizzeria, to be open daily from March 13, will serve such New Orleans-style pizza offerings as jambalaya and white crab pie.

The BYOB, serving dinner only Tuesdays through Saturdays from March 19, will be similar to his onetime Carmine's BYOB restaurants in Havertown and Narberth.

Presumably this would mean That Italian Place is closing its doors.

Source: The Insider -


Anonymous said…
Tonight was indeed the last night of operation for That Italian Place.

Best wishes to the owners going forward. I liked their pizza. Hopefully these new restaurants will succeed.
Anonymous said…
That Italian Place is closed?? They just opened! Are you kidding me? Do people seriously not think about the kind of capital they're going to need to operate a restaurant in the long term?

And can they please come up with something more original than Italian? Please??
smartblondemom said…
There's Italian food and there are pizza shops in which we abound. I understand that Guy Clausen is planning an Italian restaurant on the corner of Bridge and Gay. True Italian cuisine would be a welcome addition to the downtown. Variety is a good thing.
Anonymous said…
Anon 6:19pm : maybe you should open a business then, since you understand economics so much. Ohhhh, what's that you say? You don't have the softballs to open a business. Yeah, I kinda figured that. Simple / simplestein
Anonymous said…
I am sorry to hear that Italian Place is closing but very excited for creole!! I love cajun food and look forward to welcoming the new restaurant!!
Unknown said…
I heard this on Saturday and was stunned and disappointed. They made a great pizza there. I'm hoping Chef Mims can make a better run at this.
Anonymous said…
The food was ok, but the Italian Place never took the restaurant business seriously enough. My family and I went in there one night and were waited on by the most unprofessional waitress in the history of restaurants. The food took forever and the bill high for the food. Was not a fan.
Anonymous said…
Also not a fan. On our third visit for takeout, picked up a pizza and took it home to find they forgot to put cheese on it. How is that possible. Never went back.
Anonymous said…
I agree, the pizza was nothing to talk about and the atmosphere was non existent. No variety and lacking in enthusiasm. Some businesses you hate to see leave because they had a good plan, but this one isn't even gonna be a blip on the Phoenixville progression map. I feel bad for them because they seemed like nice people but nice just doesn't cut it.
Anonymous said…
What a shame! We REALLY need a good italian deli around here. That italian place needed work, but it was a start. Talluto's in E Norriton is too far to drive, but someplace like that would be perfect. Creole sounds like too narrow a menu. It won't last around here.
Anonymous said…
Creole will absolutely last around here. We have lots of bars and upscale American cuisine, and a handful of Italian places (Cannuli's, La Taverna, etc.) but no real ethnic restaurants aside from the dingy little Chinese restaurant on Main Street.
RMorin said…
I agree anonymous 12:43 pm. I think anything that is different will do well. A sushi restaraunt would be a nice addition to downtown Phoenixville.
Anonymous said…
Great job Solo, I totally agree that more ethnic diversity in our restaurants is needed and would be welcome. I continue to support our downtown and the restaurants and shops in the hopes that more businesses will be encouraged to come to our town, so we don't have to go to other towns to get what we need.

I think too many people don't understand that if you're getting stuff in other towns then you're hurting your own efforts. Don't get me wrong, I shop out of town plenty, but what I can get in town, then I do my best to buy local (ie Farmers Market, Movie theater, Hipster, coffee shops, Fashionista, etc). They're just a few of my regular stops but we won't get more unless we support the ones we like (even if its only one or two places).

I just want to live in a town where I don't have to get in my car to drive to get all of the things we need. We're not there yet but we'll only get there if WE decide that's what we want.

- PS- I also use the bike trail to get to work some days. Just another favorite spot I enjoy.
smartblondemom said…
The new Mr. China in the Acme Shopping Center on Starr Street has Chinese and Japanese food. So far good quality and reasonable prices. Also we have Liki Restaurant on Rt 23 near Redner's. They're not downtown but they are close by.
I also noticed that Majolica Restaurant has newsprint over their windows and the "Heard the Rumors?" flyers from their website posted as well. I am looking forward to Saturday to see what happens.
Anonymous said…
What we need to do is get a good deli in town. We need to somehow coax Corropolese Bakery and Deli to set up shop somewhere in town, then we will be set. They would clean up
Anonymous said…
I would kill for the following in downtown:

- Thai L'Elephant
- Liki
- Indian food!
- A decent deli, that knows how to make a sandwich that doesn't cost $12
- Vietnamese
- A less dingy mexican restaurant
- Dim sum!

Having moved back from NYC, I'm always jonesing for good ethnic food, having to drive all over creation to get it is growing old..
Anonymous said…
Since our incompetent newspaper can't find any news unless someone sells drugs in front of them, here is an article from The Phila Inquirer's Michael Klein:

Resurfacing of Mims

Chef John Mims says he's going back to his Louisiana roots with side-by-side restaurants on the main drag of Phoenixville: Daddy Mims' Creole BYOB is to open tomorrow (610-935-1800), and Johnny's New Orleans Pizza Kitchen is to open next week, both at 150 Bridge St.

The BYOB, serving dinner only Tuesdays through Saturdays, will be similar to his onetime Carmine's Creole Cafe restaurants in Havertown and Narberth.

Mims would not discuss the litigation between him and his former partner Howard Taylor. In January, a judge ordered Mims out of the kitchen of Mims Food + Drink in Wayne, citing a noncompetition clause in his agreement that prohibited Taylor from working within 10 miles of Carmine's, now in Bryn Mawr. The men opened Carmine's and a Philadelphia restaurant, Les Bons Temps, before a falling-out last year. The case is under appeal. Mims' son Jon is chef at Mims.
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
JW said…
Majolica press release is to be released on the 14th at which point I will restore the user's comment.
Anonymous said…
JW - Press release? Its all over the Philly papers and blogs. Are you kidding? Here's another:
Anonymous said…
JW - Press release? Its all over the Philly papers and blogs. Are you kidding? Here's another by Michael Klein - writer for

Majolica to rise again

It's been hard to figure out what's going on at Majolica, which closed last week.

Now comes word that after weighing other options, the husband-and-wife team Andrew Deery and Sarah Johnson have decided to reinvent the Phoenixville BYOB.

They're changing the menu to, as Johnson calls it, "more French bistro-y." Prices are falling by 40 percent or so. It's sporting a new logo. A new sign went up on Bridge Street. The place has been painted and mildly redecorated.

Reopening is scheduled for March 18.

“The changes we are rolling out are a direct response to these economic times,” said Deery, the chef, in a statement, “but we’re excited about making the Majolica experience available for anyone.” Johnson wants the restaurant to be a frequent visit, not devoted to the special-occasion crowd.

The couple are adding a private Farmhouse Room for tasting menus.

Deery will add appetizers from $8 to $12 and entrees starting at $16. There also will be a $25 chef's choice prix-fixe option (appetizer, entree and dessert). Hours will be 5 to 11 p.m. Wednesdays through Sundays.
JW said…
I can appreciate that but what was posted initially was most certainly a press release which was to be held until 3/14. I am respecting the wishes of both Majolica and Virtual Farm in withholding it until tomorrow.

Thank you for the info on the Michael Klein piece, I have added a post for it on the home page.
kilntime said…
Ever been to an out-of-town restaurant and said 'Wow - I wish they had one of these in Phoenixville'? I know I have following a couple of dinners at 2 of John Mimm's 'Carmines'restaurants (Havertown & Bryn Mawr). He's the real deal when it comes to cajun/creole. And BYO? Priceless!
Anonymous said…
We ordered two pies from Johnny's last Friday night. Two things I have to say - FINALLY we have a great spot for the late night munchies along Bridge and two, their pizza is amazing. You must try the white crab pizza - sounds sketchy but I can promise you it will blow your mind. I also hope this place succeeds in town as their pizza is some of the best I have ever had...
Anonymous said…
Does anyone know anything about the new restaurant at the bottom of the hill on the left. Just past the Columbia on the other side of the street? It looks lovely, but?
Menu, name, $$$? Thanks
LuvlivinginPville said…
Went for dinner at the Pizza Kitchen on Friday, 11/18 and found that they, too, have gone out of business. The whole place is now the Daddy Mim's Creole. We were so disappointed, as we hadn't been able to try them yet, and the menu looked scrumptious. Apparently, they converted in the past two weeks.
Anonymous said…
From what I understand, it was just too difficult to manage two separate restaurants. I had heard that basically the two operations had merged, and you could still get pizzas as part of the merged operation's menu.
LuvlivinginPville said…
The menu may rotate, but the one they had on Friday did not have any pizza on it.

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