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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Minor League Baseball Team May Be Interested In Phoenixville

From Downtown Phoenixville News:

An existing baseball team has reached out to Phoenixville CDC Director Barry Cassidy and stated that they are looking for a new home. Cassidy said in an exclusive interview with the DPN "I met with them for about 3 hours talking about the benefit of locating in Phoenixville and although they expressed interest, it was hard to read them" he said

The team looking for a place to build a stadium. The stadium will seat about 4500 people and would be constructed as a multi-purpose stadium to enable concerts and other sporting events.

"This fits nicely into the arts and entertainment economic development strategy" Cassidy concluded.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, what is DPN?

JW said...

Downtown Phoenixville News, site the article came from

The Chicken Cacciatore Project said...

Cassidy can hold an interview with DPN by speaking into a mirror.

Anonymous said...

This would be a great idea.....especially if someday the team becomes affiliated with the Phillies.