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Vale Rio Diner Moved

This morning, the Vale Rio Diner was moved from its former location at 494 Nutt Rd. to its new (temporary?) locale at the corner of Starr St. and Nutt Rd. Reader Julie Duffy was able to take some pictures of the move with her cell phone.

Julie has three more pictures up on Flickr if you're interested. Thanks to her for sending them along!

Today's Phoenix has an article about the move.


CaptainV45 said…
I hope it's not temporary. I signed the petition at the diner to allow for zoning changes and look forward to it reopening. The diner is the first thing that drew me to Phoenixville, then I realized it had a Foxes Pizza Den (one of my favorite pizza places growing up in Pittsburgh) and The Colonial Theatre. Those three things convinced me to move here. The Foxes is now closed, The Vale Rio is closed, and hopefully the Colonial isn't next. Heres to hoping the diner can reopen!
Anonymous said…
Just in case you missed the move
Mike2131 said…
Is the Fox's Pizza by Wendy's not of the same family? I never was a big fan of the Vale Rio, but I can appreciate what it stands for and the history that is associated with it. So it would be nice if it can find a new home in Phoenixville. But let's be honest. The Walgreens and Starbucks will make that intersection on Nutt Road a lot more attractive. Hopefully that is just the start and the improvements grow down Bridge Street towards the Moon Saloon. That road needs a lot of sprucing up. A lot! It's embarrassing driving friends and family from out of town down that road.
Anonymous said…
Mike's comment makes me remember The Royal Scot, where The Moom Saloon is currently located. What a great place that used to be - real wood paneling on the walls, friendly staff, & a great atmosphere. Now, we have the fake Irish-themed pub (Molly's) with horrible service, terrible food, and questionable atmosphere. Don't even get me started on The Moon Saloon...that place has GOT to go!
Anonymous said…
The Fox's Pizza Den USED to be by the Wendy's, but it is closed now, Mike2131. The stuff is all still there, but it is no longer in operation.

I had been trying to convince my fiance' to come with me, as I also love the chain (loved the one in New Cumberland), but had not been able to entice him to come with me & didn't want to go without someone to share it with (always makes it more enjoyable for me). Now I've lost my chance.

The diner was also one of the main attractions to the area on my own part. I happen to be an Americana addict and as well as a rail fan, so I LOVE old diners on both counts!

It seems to me that we are sacrificing too much of our history , and much of what makes Phoenixville unique (like the still-operational Fisherman's restaurant on Schuylkill Road that is so authentically awesome).

Sure, there are places with better food, but this place had a unique CHARACTER- and that is slowly dissappearing.
RMorin said…

i've never gone to the fisherman place. due to your post i'm going to go eat there soon.

operagost said…
The Fisherman's food is definitely better than the Vale Rio's was.

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