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Molly Maguires now open

Nothing official but word is that Molly Maguires is now open. Although their Grand Opening is still scheduled for this upcoming weekend, they are doing a 'soft' opening this week to work out the bugs all new restaurants face. They have also updated their website which now includes their menu which, if you are fan of Irish fare, looks to be pretty solid. Their draft beer selection alone makes it worth a visit.


Anonymous said…

So, let's get over there.
Anonymous said…
My husband and I stopped in Friday night for a drink and it's awesome inside!
Anonymous said…
I guess I have another restaurant to add to the list of places to go eat at!
Anonymous said…
I had dinner at Molly Maquires this past week. Can I tell you the food is wonderful, and comes at a reasonable price too!
Beng only the second night, some things were not yet available from the menu, but the waitstaff was friendly, food arrived hot, the atmosphere was warm and inviting. Who can believe this used to be Seachrists? A lot of time and money was put into this place for our enjoyment. Check it out!
Anonymous said…
My wife and I were there last night and it was awful. Half the menu wasn't available and management was very unapologetic about it. Also, be prepared to pay $5-6 for a beer.
Anonymous said…
My husband and I stopped in for drinks last week, before they were officially opened. The bar is BEAUTIFUL!!! We did not eat anything, but what we saw looked good. The only complaints I have heard is about the chicken wings not being cooked enough, but I am sure that is an easy fix. The best part is that it's non-smoking : )
JW said…
Went for dinner last night. First, the good. The restaurant and bar both look great. Food, too, was very good and I thought priced reasonably.

The bad, full menu still isn't available. Most of the appetizers were not and several of the main courses as well. They also only had the first floor open. The biggest problem we had was with the waitress who obviously is learning a new craft. She brought out one of our meals 10 minutes after the rest of them and would disappear for long stretches at a time.

All in all, the place definitely has potential but I will probably wait a couple of months before going to dinner there again, especially on a weekend.
Anonymous said…
beer & food great! everyone must stop in!
Anonymous said…
I went last night and had a very similar experience to JW.

My soup came out 15 minutes after my entree arrived but the waitress was apologetic about it.

There were some kinks at times -- servers were having problems knowing which tables to go to, the slow arriving soup to name two. We'll probably go back there in the future though.
Phoenixvillain said…
bad service (food took forever and when it did come they did not bring utensils with it), incomplete menu (did not have either of my friend's first two choices), and expensive beer (we ordered five beers and paid $36). Other than that it was great...

Seriously, I want them to do well as much as anyone, the ambience is great and this would be great for downtown, but right now they are their own worst enemy (kind of like the Black Lab)
Anonymous said…
Im with the commentor above. Went there last night 10/7- We were told they didn't have 2 entrees, my date tried ordering 2 other entrees they did not. 3rd time was charm. The mashed potatoes were starchy, and pasty. My chicken was deliscious unfortunately I was already let down. I realize they are new and need to work out the kinds but after 3 weeks I expected better. I too want to see them succeed but things need to be improved.
Anonymous said…
Great food and service. An hour for dinner is a little long to wait for dinner. We will be back.
Anonymous said…
Had drinks there and loved the atmosphere and the beers on tap. Little pricey on the beers (harp was $5.50). Haven't had food there yet. Will probably wait another month for the crowds to die down and for the menu to be figured out from what I've read and seen.
Anonymous said…
Not sure if I'll go back here or not. The first dinner (a couple days after they opened) was very good (poor chops with apples). But, a dinner in December was horrible. The waitress was argumentative when I told her the dinner was not what I had gotten on my last visit and it had a very off, bad taste. She said I must have had something else before.

Service was poor both times.
Anonymous said…
We ordered stuffed arthichoke hearts. Sounded great but when they came out they were fried balls of cheese and artichoke bits inside. Not what the menu described. We took a bite into one and the inside was frozen. We sent it back the waitress acted like this has happened before. No apology given ever. When we got the second order out again we took a bite and they were frozen. When the bill came they were still on it. We asked to have it taken off and she said she can't just because you didn't like the food. Horribl service and food. Highly NOT Recommended.

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