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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

OneNineFourSixZero.com Re-launches as Phoenixville "Deal" Site

OneNineFourSixZero.com, a local news and review website, has re-launched as a "deal" site designed for people and merchants who live and work in the Phoenixville area. The goal of the site is to serve the local community and those interested in experiencing the great variety of restaurants, shops and services that Phoenixville has to offer.

For their very first campaign, OneNineFourSixZero.com is partnering with Eleanor's Kitchen (6 South Main Street - Phoenixville, PA 19460 - 610.935.3663) to offer "$10 of Take-Out Comfort Food for $5". According to their campaign copy, Eleanor's is "THE place in Phoenixville for take-out specialty burgers, sandwiches, and other awesome creations."

As a local company founded by Phoenixville residents, OneNineFourSixZero.com aims to keep money in the Phoenixville community while helping local businesses bring more customers through their doors. OneNineFourSixZero.com promotes community business development by providing local businesses with better profit percentages than the leading "deal" sites. They are also donating a portion of monthly sales to the Phoenixville Area Business Association (PABA).

PABA is completely comprised of and operated by local business owners and leaders of various non-profit organizations who have a vested interest in the development of Phoenixville and care about the community. In it's current state, PABA focuses on continually improving the economic climate in and around the Borough of Phoenixville through the collaborative efforts of all owner-members with proactive marketing, consumer education and community events.

Visit http://www.oneninefoursixzero.com for more details.

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