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Sand Castle Winery Coming to Phoenixville

From Downtown Phoenixville News:
Winery and gourmet food store "Taste" will soon be opening at 236 Bridge Street. The occupancy is the first step in re-securing a presence by the LCB in the downtown area. When the LCB store move to the suburban location members of the Main Street CDC and the restaurant community met with the LCB Board and asked that a specialty wine store be established in the downtown to help with BYOB restaurant trade in downtown Phoenixville. One of the conditions to establishing the store was the recruitment of a gourmet food store to be included in the same retail space as the LCB.

The last 3 years have been spent negotiating the deal to bring the store to the downtown. The LCB looked at a number of stores in the downtown and settled on a storefront, 236 Bridge. The first step in securing their participation was to get a signed lease with a Jose Garces style store to compliment the high end wine store similar to the one Garces has in the city of Philadelphia. Now that lease has been established the next step is to get the LCB approval to sublet some of the space.

"We have been working on this for a long time" , stated Manny DeMutis, "Now we have to seal the deal with the state but no matter what happens with the state Taste will be an asset tot he downtown."


Emma said…
I find it very strange this will be on the same block as the Black Walnut Winery...
Anonymous said…
Love Sand Castle wine, but the staff at the store left a lot to be desired. We entered the store casually dressed and the young chippies didn't greet us or look our way, but when a younger, trendy-looking couple walked in, they were more than happy to fawn over them. It's a shame, as we usually buy a case or 2 of wine to give out during the holidays. They lost out on a couple hundred dollar sale. I get better service at the State Store. For that matter, I get better service at McDonald's!
Janeen said…
I totally agree with the previous comment. After the Xmas Parade downtown we went into Sand Castle to buy a few bottles and wanted to sample what we were buying. My husband and I were never acknowledged as we stood by the cash register holding two bottles of wine. I found it really strange.
Kathy said…
This place "rocks" we were in on a Saturday evening before dinner. Had wine flights and a cheese plate, the bar was full and there was a wine class going on up front. The people in the class were having a great time, the people at the bar were all friendly. The staff was superb, balancing a wine class with food preperation and keeping the bar patrons happy. If you do not have fun at this place it is your fault; good wine, good food, great people. we stoped back after dinner down the street.
Greg said…
My wife and I attending a wine tasting at Taste, as we regularly visit wineries we know what to expect. This class was more than we ever imagined, the instructor opened a whole new dimension to wine tasting. We felt like we were in Europe, feeling the soil with our hands, smelling the fresh vineyard air; learning, tasting about wine and food pairings. Learning about the history of winemaking and the romance of drinking wine; you did not want the class to end. This place is a treasure of knowledge, walk in with an open mind and be willing to learn the information destroys many stereotypes we had about wines.

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