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Update on Providence Town Center

Bridge and Main Forum member wealthfinder posted a message about the new Providence Town Center being built in Oaks Collegeville. The link pointed to a blog posting by Prudential Fox and Roach Realtor Andrew Himes. From Andrew's post:

The 1st Phase of the shopping center including the re-opening of Arcola Rd to Mennonite Rd is now scheduled to open on October 11, 2009. The stores that are scheduled to open during this initial phase are as follows:

Wegman's Grocery, Best Buy, LA Fitness, Dick's Sporting Goods, DSW Shoes, Ulta Cosmetics, Five Below, Staples, PetsMart, Michaels', Raymour & Flanigan, PNC Bank, PF Chang's, Eastern Mountain Sport (EMS), and Olive Garden.

Phase 2 (Main Street with the lifestyle tenancy) will open no earlier than Summer 2010, but could be pushed back into the Spring of 2011.

To read the full post, view his blog at I have also added Andrew's blog to my Blogroll for those interested in keeping up to speed on local real estate news.


Anonymous said…
Just wanted to clarify that this isn't the retail development that is slated for Oaks. The Providence Town Center is the one at 422 and 29.
Anonymous said…
What is the retail development slated for Oaks?
Anonymous said…
I liked it better when it was a farmer's field.
Anonymous said…
Something is being built by the Max & Erma's in Oaks. Looks like several retail stores.
Anonymous said…
For Oaks, there are a few restaurants, a BJ's, and some other retail (I want to say a Kohl's) planned.
Anonymous said…
Where is the Oaks stuff going? I see some work is being done beside the Lowes. The land is being leveled around the trashy storage section of that complex. Is that where the retail stores are going? Or is the construction being done related to the Expo center?
Anonymous said…
The work next to Lowes in Oaks will be BJ's. Wegmans is to open August of this year, but that is still pending.
Anonymous said…
I think I was a sophmore in college when I first heard that they were looking to building this place. I lived here for about 15 years now. and we still don't have a bookstore in this area/school district? pathetic. and the trappe book center is in another school district so that doesn't count. and I highly doubt I'll be here in spring 2011.

and how bout a Bed, Bath & Beyond?... ya know, for those who need things for college and various things. or an ice cream place with REAL ice cream, not soft-served?
Anonymous said…
I hope they build an entrance ramp to and from 422 for this complex as Egypt Road cannot handle the CURRENT traffic flow (especially when there's a big event going on at the EXPO)
Anonymous said…
There was a really good ice cream place in Collegeville...downtown...within walking distance to the college, and it failed because no one went there. They sold Nelson's ice cream, which is the best ice cream you can get locally. Doesn't get any fresher.

As for Trappe book center not counting because it's a different school district...whattheheck? There are three school districts in Collegeville. The town has a book store. And to be honest, in this economy...I'd much rather buy a book there and help a local business who donates to ALL of the school districts in the area than to give the business to a conglomerate.
Anonymous said…
Are they planning to open a Barnes and Noble ?
Anonymous said…
Definitely Barnes & Noble is coming in! Yay!
Anonymous said…
I just saw this...there is a really good ice cream place! It's called Zwhalen's, and it's technically in Audubon, right by the Wal-mart, Wawa, etc. It's homemade, and bascially amazing!

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