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Local Business Spotlight: The Handcrafted Cookie Company

The Handcrafted Cookie Company™ is now open in Phoenixville!! This cookie shop and cafe creates gourmet cookie dough that is inventive, delicious and convenient. They use natural ingredients to create each small batch of high quality artisanal dough. They have designed an unmatched variety of flavors for your pleasure.

Handcrafted Cookies uses high quality ingredients such as King Arthur® flour, Celtic® sea salt, Madagascar bourbon vanilla extract, European-style sweet cream butter, organic eggs, whole spices ground fresh in our store, freshly squeezed and zested citrus fruits, nuts and coconut toasted fresh for every batch, aluminum-free baking powder, smooth Dutch chocolate imported from Holland, organic dark chocolate chips, 100% natural peanut butter with no fillers or sugar added.

Handcrafted cookies are made with a commitment to provide an improved option for indulgence—delectable treats with no additives, preservatives, trans-fats or high fructose corn syrup. They also offer wholesale cookie dough to retailers, restaurants and caterers. In addition to a commitment to high quality foods and indulgent desserts, The Handcrafted Cookie Company™ is also committed to providing support to and spreading awareness about health and food related initiatives, as well as supporting social and environmental causes.

The shop also offer baked cookies and fair-trade organic coffees and teas, bubble tea and a variety of natural bottled beverages, as well as a limited selection of baked cookies but any cookie flavor can be ordered and baked on demand, or an order can be requested ahead of time for pick-up. Initial limited hours will be 4-8 on Wednesday and Thursday, 4-10 on Friday and 10-10 on Saturday. The shop will have an official grand opening event this spring. Stop by and try these handcrafted cookies today at 24 S. Main St in Phoenixville.


Anonymous said…
I can't wait to check it out! I love all the new businesses coming to's a great draw for singles, young couples and people of all ages. So glad I moved to such a great town!
Anonymous said…
They had a soft opening last Saturday (1.24) and some friends and I stopped in after dinner for some cookies and coffee. The owners are extremely nice and the cookies were DELICIOUS!! All the best to them, we'll definitely go back!!
Anonymous said…
Does anyone know if I can order already baked cookies? If I order 1-dozen pre-portioned cookies online, are they cooked or do I have to bake them? I'd like to get some already baked cookies to take to a party and these sound delicious!
Anonymous said…
I tried their oatmeal peanut butter cup, and while the cookies are delicious, they are very expensive. I paid $10 for 1 dozen ready-to-bake frozen pre-formed cookies. $10! The 3-pound tub is $22. This makes around 48 cookies. Still very expensive for a cookie.
Anonymous said…
I don't think you can order baked cookies online but if you call them you can have an order ready to pick up at your convenience. It is true they are expensive but supposedly it is because they use all organic ingredients. And they are still much better than cookies you can get for cheaper.
Anonymous said…
I think these are a great value for an all-natural cookie. Just look at the list of ingredients!
Anonymous said…
We also tried their cookies last week and they are amazing. While $10 seems like a lot for a dozen cookies, it's less than a dollar a cookie- Hope's in Rosemont charges more and the cookies aren't nearly as unique. We had an island delight with coconut and lime and they said they zest and squeeze the lime pulp by hand and each cookie is hand-scooped! You can't get cookies like this anywhere else, even in the city. I'm glad they chose Phoenixville!
Anonymous said…
I had the bubble tea. It was very good. I don't know why the coffee shops around here don't offer it.
Anonymous said…
The cookies are good but they're too small. If you're going to pay $1 a cookie, your eyes want to see something that says they're worth a dollar. The taste is definitely worth it, but again if they were bigger it'd make more of an impact.

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