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Updates on That Italian Place and Crazy Cactus

News to report on two local eateries. Word has it that That Italian Place is now open for business. From what I have read/heard, they are a full service deli which also makes brick oven pizzas. They are located in the old Scioli Antiques storefront at 150 Bridge St.

Crazy Cactus, the Mexican themed restaurant that shares its location with La Taverna, held its Grand Opening this past weekend. CC has been in 'soft-opening' mode since April and has gotten decent reviews over in the Forums. Hopefully they've been able to work out the kinks that were a source of frustration by some of the negative reviewers. For more on the restaurant, see last week's article in the Phoenix.


Anonymous said…
Visited That Italian Place last evening to pick up some items for an last minute get-together w/friends.

I picked up 2 different kinds of pepper shooters--one stuffed with salami and the other with prosciutto, blue cheese stuffed olives, sauteed broccoli rabe and their homemade mozzarella.

All were excellent. Look forward to sampling more of their olives, pizzas and their (smaller) selection of cheeses, which helps fill a gap since since the recent closure of Ramondo's Cheese.
Anonymous said…
Pizza tonight at That Italian Place (Vodka sauce, fresh mozz & basil) was excellent!

Not to mention that they have Coca-cola with real sugar from mexico!
Anonymous said…
stopped in for lunch the other day and split a pie with a few friends.
it was pizza perfection, the crust was both chewy and crispy, the sauce was tangy without being sweet, and it was seasoned to perfection.
the menu looks great, and I'm going to happily sample my way through it over the next few weeks.
Anonymous said…
That Italian Place is GREAT! My husband and I stopped in Saturday and just picked up some stuffed pepper shooters (which were delicious) and then we went back Sunday and got their Nona's old world gravy (sauce), the ravoli stuffed with broccoli rabe and mozzarella and meatballs...I am Italian and have had gravy many Sundays and can say this was just as good as my grandmother's!!! I can't wait to try their brick oven pizza. We needed a good Italian place in Pvile.
Anonymous said…
Sounds awesome. Thank you for opening this place. I have been waiting for a good italian deli to open around here so I don't have to go all the way to Talluto's in E. Norriton. Does anyone have a menu they can post online? I'm curious to see what kind of stuuf they have.
Anonymous said…
We went for a late lunch yesterday and had the BEST time! We brought a bottle of wine and ordered a feast, two pizzas, jalapeno poppers, onion rings, pepper shooters (which are just as good as everyone has been saying), and the bruschetta. The bruschetta was soooo good, all the flavors and textures were just perfect. We had a white and a red pizza and both were so good. The people there are so nice.

We will be spending many a lazy afternoon there and will be picking up many dinners there in the future. So happy they're here.
Anonymous said…
Picked up a vodka sauce & mozarella pizza this weekend...very good and we will definitely go back to try others. Waitress told us they also own the retail space next door (what was Panini's/Bistro 156) and will turn that into seating for the restaurant.

Fresh mozarella and pepper shooters were also delicious!
Anonymous said…
I have been there twice and I'm hooked.
It is a great place to stop and grab a real dinner, not just food, a real meal.
Anonymous said…
Looks like they have a nice red overhang over the enterance. Looks really nice! Can't wait for the other building to be turned into their dining room because there does not seem to be a whole lot of seating as it is now.
Anonymous said…
Absolutly will return again! My 2 young children and I went. They don't sell slices so I got the small pizza. Picky eaters, I didn't know if they were going to eat it. They did and LOVED it! I wanted a panini, he doesn't have them yet so I asked for what I saw in the case. Tomatoe and Mozz stacked on top of each other....soooo goood, I didn't feel stupid ordering a peice of bread on the side to make my own dip and eat style. Then the waitress appeared and brought her young son in. I loved that the owner made such a cute fuss over him, it was such a comfort to see that kids aren't looked down upon!! I can't say that about many other new places in town which is unfortunate because I thought this was a great town to raise our kids. Thank you for making the Italian Place ok for the single parents in the world to be able to spend "date" night with their kids!

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