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2008 MyFoxPhilly's Hot List Award Nominees

Once again, Fox 29 is holding its MyFoxPhilly's Hot List Awards. Last year, Phoenixville was very well represented, with four local businesses winning top spot and three more placing in the top 5. The winners were Ramondo's Cheese! (which sadly just closed its doors), Hipster Home, Wolfgang Books and The Columbia Bar and Grill.

This year's nominees are listed below.
The Colonial Theatre
Best Indie Theater
Wolfgang Books
Best Bookstore
Hipster Home
Best Housewares
Columbia Bar and Grille
Best Romantic Restaurant
Sly Fox Brewery
Best Brewpub
Best New American
Forge Theatre
Best Theatre Group
Robert Ryan Catering
Best Caterers
Eliza's Bakery
Best Cakes
Auntra Bicycle Repair & Sales
Best Bike Shop
Steel City Coffee House
Best Coffee Shop
Molly Maguire's
Best Irish Pub
The Kimberton Inn
Best Romantic Restaurant
Griffin's Gallery
Best Art Gallery
Jonathan Looper Antiques
Best Antiques
Earth Mart
Best Housewares
One 2 One Productions
Best DJ
Inspiration to Movement, Inc.
Best Pilates Studio
RiverCrest Golf Club and Preserve
Best Venue
Black Lab Bistro
Best New American
Feet First Center for Contemporary and Classical Dance
Best Dance Studio
Best Friends
Best Women's Boutique
Bassett's Ice Cream
Best Ice Cream Shop
Prestige Chocolates
Best Chocolate
Angela Malicki Events
Best Wedding Planner
Joey's II
Best Cheesesteak
Franco Ristorante
Best Italian

Take a moment to vote for your favorite Phoenixville businesses!


Anonymous said…
I voted and I think its in our best interest to support our stores and make our town more visible. We are all sales people for our town and I would like to think everyone would participate by voting for their favorites.

Anonymous said…
I vote best new byob marly's
Anonymous said…
the cheese place is leaving? That totally sucks, we used to go there all the time. Anyone know why they folded? It seemed like there were always people inside when I went and their lease couldn't have been that expensive.

It will probably be replaced by a pharmacy or an Irish pub.
Anonymous said…
Re: Cheese
Michael wanted to spend more time with his family and is pursuing other opportunities. He is currently looking for a buyer for the shop as a "cheese shop." I hope to see it continue!
Anonymous said…
Michael did want to spend more time with his new family. As you know running an upstart business (even a small cheese shop) requires a lot of time and dedication. Michael indicated that his heart just wasn't in it anymore. But he's a great guy and we wished him the best of luck. His business was awesome and hopefully someone will buy it - ANY TAKERS?
Anonymous said…
Hopefully someone buys the cheese shop and keeps it running. I still have $10 on a gift card that I was going to use before they closed. Too bad they closed a week before they were planning on it.
Anonymous said…
Treat yourself and have a 'wiz with' at Joeys. Best cheesesteak anywhere around here and much better than Pat's or Geno's. Get a side of the fries to finish it off
Anonymous said…
Joey's seems to have strange hours. It's like they are hardly ever open when I want to eat there! But it is a quality place.
Anonymous said…
Best Mexican would be Los Mariachis on Gay Street. Very authentic and reasonable prices.

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