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More on Marly's

A couple quick notes on Marly's. From this point forward they are going to be open for dinner Monday-Saturday evenings. Monday-Thursday their hours will be 5-9pm, Friday and Saturday they will be open from 5-10pm. They hope to be open for lunch in the near future.

For those of you who are interested in what they serve, click the image below to see their menu.

Marly's is located at 108 Bridge St. For reservations, please call 610-933-7471.


Anonymous said…
Their food was delicious!! I went there this weekend not realizing they were open yet. What a surprise!

The food was great and the people were so nice. Great atmosphere - perfect restaurant for Phoenixville.
Anonymous said…
Fancy menu. Gotta love how P-Ville is turning up-scale!
Anonymous said…
I agree with one of the other comments that while interesting, the menu seems a bit heavy for summer. I'm planning on going this fall when the weather is cooler.
foodie12 said…
I thought the menu was alittle heay at first than I went for dinner last night. I was wrong, it was amazing. I had the bento box and The Marly's Cheesesteak. It was the best steak I ever had. I think we have another award winner in Byos in P-Ville. Going back Friday.
foodie12 said…
I forgot to say that I had this great meal outside in the outdoor dining patio so beautiful outback, they did a great job.
Anonymous said…
The best steak I ever had came from Fleming's in Radnor ... that's a steak.
Anonymous said…
AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME - Food is to die for - Staff is wonderful, ambiance is great and the outdoor seating is very relaxing and cozy. I would recommend this place 100% - can't wait to come back this weekend and the next, and the next. FABULOUS
Anonymous said…
We had THE BEST meal at Marly's tonight. It was so difficult choosing what to order from the menu. We finally decided on the Marley's cheese steak and Shrimp Reggiano (after we enjoyed numerous starters). The portions were perfect. Our meal was finished with the most delicious peanutbutter chocolate chip bread pudding served warm with vanilla ice cream.
The Marly's atmosphere was very warm and inviting with the exposed brick walls and wood paneled ceiling in the front dining room. Next time I am hoping to sit in the outdoor patio/garden area.
Service was great. We enjoyed chatting with the executive chef about our dining experience. It is nice to see someone take such pride in their work. Thank you Marly's staff for a wonderful dining experience. We look forward to another visit again, soon!
Anonymous said…
We dine out frequently and have had the opportunity to visit all of the new (and old) restaurants in the Phoenixville area. So many of them are good, others are very good, but Marly's is exceptional.
Anonymous said…
We have been to Marly's several times and WE LOVE IT!!!!! The food is amazing.
Unknown said…
Marly's is a perfect addition to p-Ville. it is nice not having to drive to the city for a decent meal with an upscale flare and you can't beat the prices. The risooto is to die for and the choc peanut butter bread pudding is like an orgasm in your mouth
This is our favorite restaurant. If you enjoy gourmet food, served elegantly, reasonably priced and in a lovely environment, try this place. You will not be disappointed. Highly recommended is the Marly's cheestake. Don't leave without trying a dessert, . The calories are worth it.
Anonymous said…
Is Bridge 101 now closed? There was a sign on the door last night.
Anonymous said…
My daughter worked at 101 Bridge and her paycheck bounced. Now, she finds out the place is closed. Don't know what's going on.
Anonymous said…
What happened to 10?? -- we have $100 gift certificate and went last night & its closed "temporarily". I guess we are out of luck!
Anonymous said…
Love this place. It just keeps getting better and better. The Bento Boxes are always good and give you an opportunity to try 4 different tasty appetizers. I like that they change this dish all the time. They also have a new price fixe menu and it is quite a bargain. I recommend this to all those who like to get away from the pizza and chicken finger menus. You will spend the same amount of money but will have a wonderful gourmet meal that you will enjoy and long remember

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