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Phoenix Diner set to open July 14th

The Phoenix Diner, located in the Acme shopping center at the intersection of Starr St. and Nutt Rd., is set to open on July 14th.

For more, see today's article in the Phoenix.


VC said…

Happy 4th! Does anyone know the fate of the Vale Rio? I thought it was going into the grassy area in front of the Acme, but with the diner opening up in the same shopping center I am not sure... The Phoenix Diner has ties to Xpress Pizza.
Anonymous said…
Nudy's is #1! But I'm still excited to give this place a try. Rather an odd location though. I hope people can find it. It'd be much easier to if it were right on Nutt Road like the Rio was.
Anonymous said…
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JW said…
Here's an edited version of Anon. 7/5/08 4:37 PM's post, minus some content that could get me in trouble.

Val Rio was shot down by the planning commission for their weak choice of location there on Nutt and Starr Roads. Puleo should have planned his options a little better but instead he was going on the cheap and he received the appropriate response. Hopefully he'll sell the diner car to someone who would treat it with the proper respect.
Anonymous said…
Well I hope the guys wash thier hands this time around! Also please don not wash your car tires in the kitchen sink as you did at the Vale. Please don't work on your cars while cooking on shifts either! Good Luck!
Anonymous said…
I feel that the new diner will have the same crowd as the vale , drifters that went from the vale to o`gradys and now to the new spot , any chance that they can put up a sign that states " you must bathe before entering " ?
Anonymous said…
Shut it, you elitists!

Just kidding. Just wanted to say that for the guy in the other thread talking about how our town would be 'boring' if we were all the same. The same dirty people with no jobs.

I think Phoenix Diner will draw a better crowd. Just my opinion. We'll see soon enough!
Anonymous said…
If the people who run and own the Phoenix Diner don't wash or bathe how can anyone expect the customers to do so LOL All the years I've known the owners of the Phoenix I can honestly say I NEVER saw them wash there hands. However I did see them pick their noses! They also never cleaned the Vale! But hey like they said," Why should we care it's not our place"! I can agree with the comment about the car tires in the kitchen sink! I saw it, and took a pick with my cell! They had NO PRIDE in The Vale! All they did was help bring it down!
Anonymous said…
I always thought their breakfast meats were a bit chewy and now ai know why.....eggs over easy with a slice of goodyear.
Anonymous said…
On a serious note, the Vale structure itself needs to be preserved. The dining car should be moved to somewhere down on the old steel company site, cleaned up and re-opened. Having it sit under a tarp is a slap in the face to the town of Phoenixville.
Anonymous said…
Since xpress pizza is a sorry sorry place. I'll not eat eggies at the new diner. Take that to the bank Phoenix fed.
Anonymous said…
Just got back from Phoenix Diner.... We went in about 11:30 and the place was starting to pickup for lunch. Wait staff was very friendly and the place looks nice. I had breakfast and my wife had lunch. The food was served fast and service was nice. My meal (creamed chip beef) was very good. It was warm and they served a nice size portion of both the chipped beef and the home fries. My wife got a turkey club and it was packed with turkey (she had to take some out to even fit it in her mouth). She said it could have used more mayonnaise though. She got chips but you can get fries too (I heard they are very very good). When we were leaving around 12:30, the place was packed.

Other notes:

I left a bit upset because this place is supposed to be Val Rio reincarnated (the owner/cook was the owner/cook from Val Rio) or at the very least, a DINER. With that being said, what is a Diner with out a counter and bar stools...? There are none and the worst part about it is there was plenty of room for a counter and bar stools. In fact, there were several people who were individually sitting at a nice booth and as people walked in had to be seated at tables. Wouldn't it make sense and be more feasible to have a counter for single eaters to free up the booths? How do you overlook this? The other non-diner attribute is that when i was asked if i wanted more coffee, the guy grabbed my cup and brought it to the back to fill it up...? A real diner or even restaurant for that matter would walk to the table and fill it up. What is up with that?

I will definitely go back for the food but the atmosphere and "Diner" characteristics are no where to be found. The place should be called, Phoenix Restaurant. If you are looking for a glimmer of Val Rio, forget about it. Nothing on the walls, no mention on the menu, nothing. My hope is that others might say something to the guy and maybe he will put a counter in and a few bar stools. I mean c'mon, how could you leave that out? Oh, and btw, they have two flat screen tv's in the corners showing ads for local businesses and such (Lasik surgery etc...) why? detracts from the diner atmosphere even more.

Bottom line: I am happy it is there as it adds value to the neighborhood and good food but unhappy that it is basically just a restaurant located in a strip mall with no attempt at providing some semblance of Diner character. Shame on them.
Anonymous said…
The owners of the Phoenix Diner WERE NOT EVER THE OWNERS OF THE VALE-RIO! If they told anyone that, that's a true lie! They only ran the kitchen! And we all saw what happened with that! They wanted to buy the Diner from Fran Puleo but clearly he would rather see it rot then sell it to them! He has good reasons not too! I'm not sticking up for the Diner roting away at his office. That's truly heart breaking.
Anonymous said…
This restaurant, without a counter and stools, will likely NOT attract some of the all day loiterers that the diner did. And that is a good thing. I'd prefer to not have to witness some of "Phoenixville's local color" during a relaxing meal. It was also never advertised as a ValRio clone, and that is also a good thing. From the crowds that they are attracting, I suspect this place will be a resounding success and I hope they are. Your critisizm's (7/16/08 2:21 PM) are just silly nonsense and could apply to every other restauant in town. Feel free to stay home where everything is apparently perfect.
Anonymous said…
I never said it was a Val Rio clone but that there is a connection between the two and they offer similar food and regardless, my point was, diners in general have certain nuances like bar stools and counter space and that this "diner" does not. My criticism had both good and bad. Flat screens with advertisements are bad and detract from the ambiance... maybe worse than "local color" as you describe it. I never said do not go. Learn how to spell too. It is pretty sad when spell check is included in the blogger application. joke.
Anonymous said…
Yesterday I finally got to the Pville diner about 6:20pm , It took until 6:35 for the actual owner to come over and ask if I have been waited on , I said no then he expressed is " sorry for the inconvenience: routine then proceeded to ask what did I want to drink. finally at 6:45 another waitress came back with my drink and asked if I was ready to order, I ordered the chicken croquettes and mashed potatos. They finally came and they were so dry I needed a refill on my drink. the potatos were fine and the gravy was almost as thick as the potatos, I hurried and paid without a tip , the owner asked if I needed a to go container, I simply said no thanks I dont like dried up chicken and walked out.
Anonymous said…
After all the talk I had done about the Owners of The Phoenix Diner,,,,well,,,,They act 100% different then they had at the Vale! There's no loud Aribic talk out front! The cooks and dish- washers stay in the back!! They are not working on thier cars durring their shifts!!! They clean!! They clearly did not give to sh*ts about the Vale! Completely the opposite! I had to ask one of the owners," why ???" I got the answer,,"that was not my place,, this is mine so I care"!! Just what I had thought all a long! The way they acted at the Vale was A BIG REASON why people had stopped coming in! Although I had no problems, I had regulars! Also being 3rd generation there was a helper. I heard one of their customers say, "It's better then the Vale". WOW!!!! Maybe I should go ahead and post all 62 pics I have of them being GROSS and trashing the Vale's kitchen! LOL
Anonymous said…
WELL barb,i like your comment knowing that you use to work with them and you know a lot aboutthem behind the seen

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