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Monday, July 07, 2008

An Open Letter of Thanks from David Friday, Owner of Hipster Home

As readers of this blog may remember, Hipster Home moved to a new location recently, taking up residence at 237 Bridge St. as of July 1st. Assisting with the move were 20-25 local residents who offered to lend a hand out of the kindness of their own hearts. Owner David Friday wrote me an email to express his thanks to these volunteers and I am reprinting it below:

I thought I would just share this great story with you about our move to our new location (I don't know if it's news worthy but just to show the kind of people that live in Phoenixville).

As you know we moved our store from Main Street to 237 Bridge Street and since we have never moved a retail store (even though small) we had no idea what to expect. We had planned to move everything ourselves (my girlfriend and I) and totally underestimated the task at hand. People in town (Phoenixville) asked if we would like help and our response was "well, if you feel like it just stop in on Sunday (June 29th) and you're more than welcome to lend a hand".

Well, the response we received from everyone to help was nothing short of tremendous. I'd estimate about 20 to 25 local people showed up with their sleeves rolled up to help us move our store. They started packing our product, disassembling our shelves and transporting the product to our new store via trucks, cars, and even on foot. It was quite a site to see packs of people walking down the street with our product and loading it into our new location (if you didn't know any better you would have thought people were looting the store).

Our adventure turned into a working party and community of people that bonded together to help out a local, and local merchant in their time of need. We truly needed every hand and even with all of these people it lasted all day. It was touching and remarkable that all of these people cared enough to take a full day on a weekend to help us move (and no one enjoys moving). I had other people and store owners comment on the out pouring of support and they couldn't believe how much everyone cared. And it didn't even stop there because after the move they came all week to help us work and paint and set up product to reconstruct the store - NOW THAT IS AWESOME!

I am sharing this awesome story to show people that may or may not live in the community the "type" of people that live in Phoenixville. This is truly the best town I have ever lived in and we really do love our town. If you've heard stories about locals I hope this is one that also gets told because it was truly something special. To everyone that helped we love you guys and we know we could have never done it without you all.

There is no way to repay these folks but I invited them to the grand opening on July 4th and had them stand in our picture and cut the ribbon for the opening event and that picture appeared in today's paper, Saturday July 5th. They deserve more than we could ever give them and we really appreciate their support. Thank you!

Dave & Lindsay
Hipster Home


Danielle Causey said...

Dave and Lindsay - We helped you out because that is what communities and friends do for each other. Period. We are touched that you are so touched by it but that is how things used to be and maybe we are 're'setting a new precedent. None of us did it because we expected to be repaid or expected anything in return - just the satisfaction of helping our friends. I, again, think I speak for ALL OF US when I say that we are thrilled at your success and wish you continued prosperity in your new location! We love you guys and wouldn't have had this move any other way!

The Causey's

VC said...

I echo the sentiment and was so very happy to be a part of this historic move for Phoenixville. This move represented a lot to me as I hope people stop saying "But this is Phoenixville" when talking about the developments in the community. Remodeling an under utilized space is what we all needed. Congrats to you both for having the vision and the courage to see it through!


The Ransoms said...

Ditto from Tom & I. Dave and Linsday, you are wonderful people and we feel blessed to have you as friends. Helping out just comes naturally. We are so happy to see an establishment that mirrors our taste and lifestyle thrive in this area. Hipster Home looked great on Friday night and we can't wait to see how it evolves in it's sophomore year!


MG said...

Dave & Lindsey,
Thanks so much for the kind words! (Not necessary, but certainly appreciated...) I have had a great time getting to know you both and watching your business grow and be come an integral part of the culture on Bridge St. I think you're both such remarkable people and I have really appreciated your kindness and hospitality and look forward to many more good times together.

Your Friend,

Mike G. (and Stella...)

Dave said...