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Steel City presents The First Annual Blob Ball

The good folks over at Steel City Coffee House sent me an email about an event they will be hosting along with the Tyler James Pub.

Steel City presents The First Annual Blob Ball featuring The Rivers Rockabilly Trio.

Location: Tyler James Pub (2nd floor)

Date: Friday, July 11, 2008 @ 9:00 PM

Join us for what is going to be the social event of the summer. Right after the annual "running out" reenactment at the Colonial Theatre, join us for a celebration to kick off BlobFest 2008. Music will be provided by The Rivers Rockabilly Trio which specializes in music of the 1950's. There will be dancing and a thematic menu provided by Tyler James Pub. The night will feature contests for the best 50's dress (men and women), the best 50's hair, the best 50's celebrity costume, the best 50's scary monster, and more . . .

Tickets are only $12.00 in advance and can be purchased at Steel City Coffee House or

Steel City is also seeking volunteers to help with the event. For more information, please visit their site.


Anonymous said…
This sounds like a neat event, too bad it's being held in the smoke-filled Tyler James Pup. Just walking in the front door you are hit with the stench. I see why smoke-free Molly Maguires is packed full while Tyler James near empty.
Anonymous said…
Tyler James allows smoking? My husband and I have been planning on trying it, but I guess we won't go afterall. I can never enjoy a meal with smoke in the air. Thanks for the heads-up!
JW said…
They actually have a sign up in the window saying that the eating area will be smoke free shortly. Not sure about the rest of the bar however.
Anonymous said…
That would be nice. But they are going to have to air the place out for at least a month.
Anonymous said…
I appreciate when restaurants have a non-smoking section, but the smoke still gets through to all of the sections. Oh well....I am sure someday everything will be smoke-free (fingers crossed)
Anonymous said…
The event is going to be upstairs at Tyler James and smoke free- you can come in the entrance from the back parking lot and not have to walk through the smoky bar- that's my plan!
Anonymous said…
The event is going to be upstairs at Tyler James and smoke free- you can come in the entrance from the back parking lot and not have to walk through the smoky bar- that's my plan!
Anonymous said…
For you folks who have never been in Tyler James (you could go in and try yourself instead of relying on others comments). While they do allow smoking (I hate smoking) the place is big enough during regular hours to eat and drink without smoke being a problem (unless you plop your butt next to a smoker). If you go to the bar after 9pm then you'll encounter lots of smokers but prior to that it's just a smattering of smokers. So my point is: Stop being lemmings and just try it yourself.
Anonymous said…
Tyler James has been completely smoke free for over a month, as all restaurants statewide will be in September.

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