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New Restaurant Openings

In addition to the Creep Store, Phoenixville will be welcoming several new restaurants/shops in the next month or two.

PJ Ryan's, owned by the same group that owns Ryan's Pub in West Chester, has 'Coming Soon' signs up in the old Hotel Washington and should be open later this month or early June.

Marly's, which I wrote about a couple of weeks ago, is set to open at around the same kind of time. I found some more information about it in the Inquirer which had this to say:
Marly's, an American BYO bistro (entrees: $17 to $28), is under construction at 106-08 Bridge St. Chef Michael Favacchia, formerly of West Conshy's Gypsy Saloon, is partnered with Gypsy Saloon/Stella Blue veteran Anne Zimmerman and Samantha Hall, an alumna of Teresa's Cafe in Wayne.

Baxter's is set to open in mid-June in the old Superintendent Building. This will be their fifth location, joining establishments in Paoli, Malvern and Great Valley.

Replacing Scioli's Antiques will be a new Italian deli called 'The Italian Place'. There is a sign up in the window but I am not sure what the opening date is.

The Italian Restaurant I first wrote about here has a name. Ciao, which will be owned by the owners of the Black Lab Bistro will feature Northern Italian "fusion". Ciao is scheduled to open some time this summer.

Finally, there are strong rumors that the old Superior Beverage warehouse behind Molly Maguire's could soon be sold. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said…
any word on the beautiful foundry building on main?
VC said…
The foundry is only used for private parties from my understanding.
JW said…
VC is correct, the Hankin Group (new owners of the Foundry) have setup a website for it with more information

Foundry website
RMorin said…
I'm happy to see the new restaraunts come to Phxville, but are there enough patrons to keep this many in business?
Lori said…
How about the "Phoenix Diner" that is coming to the Acme shopping center on Starr Street? I just saw that sign posted in the window this afternoon...seems like a strange location for a diner, in a strip mall.
Anonymous said…
Did Tiny Hineys close? I saw it in business on a Tuesday and saw the shop empty by Friday.
I have shopped there before, but had not been in recently (no new babies). Did they move?
JW said…
Lori, hadn't heard/seen anything about the Phoenix Diner. I do rehab at the Novacare center there tomorrow so I will see what I can find out.

Anon 5/8/08 8:42 AM: I emailed Barry Cassidy about TH and he informed me they have moved to the Salon Fiber building on Taylor Ave.
JW said…
and by Taylor Ave. I of course mean Taylor Alley
Anonymous said…
I heard that when Rite Aid moves across Nutt Road to their new location that the previous site will become a Trader Joe's or IHOP? Any news there? What about a Starbucks in P'ville?
RMorin said…
Trader Joe's in the old Rite Aid location would be awesome. I won't believe it until I see it though. There is another Trader Joe's that is less than 5 miles from Phxville.

Starbucks is taking over in the building where the Fountain Inn was located.
Mike2131 said…
If girls with big boobs work at Hooters, where do girls with one leg work?


anyway, there's a Trader Joes just past the Valley Forge park. And there's a Produce Junction by Mont Clare. I doubt a Trader Joe's will come to Phoenxiville because of that. I just hope something takes over that old Rite Aid building. I'd like to see a chain restaurant, but I don't know if there's enough parking for one.
Anonymous said…
Word is that Starbucks pulled out of the deal because of financial issues they are having at corporate level.
No one seems to know much about The sign The Phoenix Diner. Is this iin some way connected with the old Vale Rio?
Anonymous said…
enough with the bars and pubs. What we really need is a good Asian joint, be it sushi, Thai, Vietnamese, upscale Chinese, whatever.

I like beer as much as the next guy but some of us aren't in our 20's anymore.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous 5/11/08 1:15 PM

We've got two of the types of restaurants you are looking for:
Thai L' Elephant -- located just behind O'Grady's on 23. Excellent food! (

Liki Sushi and Hibachi is situated at the corner of 23 and Township Line Road. I think I've dined there at least a dozen times in the last 6 months...the sushi is awesome!

I recommend you check them both out. I believe there's another Thai restaurant in the Giant shopping center, but I have not dined there.
RMorin said…
Anonymous 5/12/08 8:29 AM,

i agree that Thai L' Elephant and Liki are both good, but the other poster may have been noting that it would be nice to have an Asian alternative DOWNTOWN.
Anonymous said…
thank you, Solofloyd, that is exactly what I'm saying. If I wanted to eat at strip mall restaurants I wouldn't have moved to Phoenixville boro but would be living in Schuylkill Township or Limerick or some other depressing sprawl-centric place.
Anonymous said…
What's wrong with Limerick??
Anonymous said…
"what's wrong with Limerick?"

you can't be seriously asking that question. Phoenixville is everything Limerick is not.
Anonymous said…

Does anyone know what the Superior Beverage building turned into? Is it offices?


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