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CDC outlines plans for '08

In today's Phoenix there was an article talking about the plans Barry Cassidy and the CDC have for 2008.

Executive Director Barry Cassidy says the CDC looks forward to completing seven priorities by year’s end.

The CDC’s top priority will be to form a working relationship with the Phoenix Property Group in order to move the plans for developing the former Phoenix Iron and Steel site by becoming the link between PPG and Borough Council.

Cassidy said he hoped the developer, the borough and the CDC could discuss the master plan together, which he emphasized their desire to maintain.

The plan would construct retail, office space and townhouses in order to achieve what they feel is the best use for the property. 60 percent of the land would be for office space and everything else that would be built on the site would support this use.

The plan would also construct 400 linear feet of retail space between the justice building and the old Superintendent’s office.
The CDC’s second highest priority is the creation of a parking authority as well as a parking garage on the corner of Bridge and Gay Streets.

The parking garage would be constructed on the lot at Taylor Alley adjacent to Family Dollar.

The garage is also proposed to include 27,800 square feet of retail on the bottom floor and will have four levels of available parking.
The CDC is also raising funding for a market study on a possible passenger rail line between Phoenixville and Malvern. The study would be conducted by consultants Gannett Fleming and would find if there is a market for the use of existing rail lines owned by Norfolk Southern Corporation.
Other items on CDC’s 2008 agenda include securing grants for the proposed Elm Street housing project on the North Side and Friendship Field and implement $220,000 towards developing Andre Thornton Park.

In addition, the CDC wants to use a $2 million grant for the completion of the Streetscapes project.

Cassidy also plans to continue CDC promotions such as First Fridays and special projects like the Farmer’s Market, the Christmas Lighting and the Renaissance Park mural fund. He will also seek funding for the downtown concert series.

Rounding out the agenda, the CDC hopes to get an easement for a trail from PPG as well as help the fire and police write grants for equipment and a new fire station.

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Anonymous said…
When will someone tell developers that we don't need anymore housing! This is getting ridiculous. Push more housing on the borough because that's where they make the most money! Baloney.

Our school taxes are going to go through the roof when they begin construction for new buildings which will be outdated (due to all these projected new developments) before they're even built!

Enough is enough already.

Focus on businesses and (how about some) industry to take the tax burden off the homeowner.


Anonymous said…
I agree anonymous- enough with the condos that can't sell! There is plenty of housing around.
Any parking garage and new retail space needs to have traffic addressed with it and how about some open space and trail planning incorporated in to these plans Barry! A parking garage behind Family Dollar? I just can't see it.

However regarding PPG- whole thing seems like a bit of a joke at this point. I can't keep up with their shenanigans. It is extrememly frustrating. Can we get something in writing from these people and let the citizens have an opportunity for real input.

The CDC has done good things, I think 1st Friday is great. But it should not be dictating the future of Phoenixville.
Anonymous said…
Focus on industry??? What industry would that be? This isn't 1950 anymore people, all industry is in China now.
Anonymous said…
Please -- the proposed list from the CDC is the same list from last year -- and how much of that has been done?

If they actually accomplish 1/2 of what is on that list, it will be more than they have done for the past 3 years.

If TPTB could actually work out a deal with PPG to put down drainage stone and use those areas for parking, we wouldn't need a parking garage -- and from the consultants I've seen on Channel 22, it doesn't appear that the Borough can build a parking garage without raising taxes.

Considering that Polka Dots is going out of business, the "Things Old and New" on Main Street closed up overnight (and the rest of Main Street looks like a ghost town with the abandoned Moose Lodge and the bank outlet), why isn't the CDC focusing on attracting and retaining businesses in the downtown? It's getting more and more blatent that the CDC is for Manny's benefit and Manny's benefit alone.
Anonymous said…
No more housing.

We have enough.

Ride through all the areas around us, Limerick, Rt.113 to Collegeville/Trappe, out Rt.23 and the Vincents. Look what's been done to the farmland.

Whatever happened to that Save Open Space program that we all paid into?

It's time to save some land for open space in town, too.
Mike2131 said…
How about they tear down Family Dollar and turn that into a parking lot? That place is so dirty! Speaking of parking, some more is needed by the Iron Hill. And once Baxter's is open ... where will people park?! First Friday's are great, but for those of us who don't live downtown ... where do we park?

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