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Super Wawa on schedule to open by the end of the year

Last weekend's Phoenix had an updated on the new Super Wawa that is coming to the corner of Rte's 23 and 113:
Wawa, Incorporated is bringing even more convenience to the Schyukill Township and surrounding areas, including Phoenixville, which shares a border as well as a community with the neighboring town.

Construction of a new Wawa Food Market and a CVS Pharmacy and convenience store is in progress near the intersection of Rt. 113 (Kimberton Road) and Rt. 23 (Nutt Road). The project is expected to be completed by the year's end, according to Tom Ruther, supervisor of A.T. Construction Co.

This new addition will provide more options for commuters on their morning drive as well as late night needs. Whether it's a quick stop off for a cup of coffee and a breakfast sandwich or a much needed gasoline refilling, Wawa provides. Most of their locations are open for business 24 hours a day 365 days per year and feature surcharge free Automated Teller Machines at all stores.

The new location will cover a total of 212,992 square feet of ground. Roughly 89,000 of which will be dedicated to seal coated asphalt dedicated

to driveways, parking spaces and filling stations. The area will be 'bordered by woodlands' by definition of Phoenixville Borough ordinance. This is, in part, to comply with zoning restrictions regarding light pollution. The new structures' lighting will not be visible from adjoining streets or lots, nor will the lighting be reflected in the sky.

The market itself will cover 5,589 square feet and the CVS will be 12,900.

A total of 10 gasoline pumps are planned in the construction, with a lighted canopy to provide shelter from inclimate weather. According to the official Wawa Inc, website: Wawa, Inc is headquartered in Wawa, Pennsylvania and currently operates a chain of over 570 convenience stores in a five-state area, including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. The company currently employees roughly 16,000 local residents. Wawa is a privately owned company.

And yes, you did read that correctly, Phoenixville is set to become home to yet another pharmacy.


Anonymous said…
"The area will be 'bordered by woodlands' by definition of Phoenixville Borough ordinance. This is, in part, to comply with zoning restrictions regarding light pollution. The new structures' lighting will not be visible from adjoining streets or lots, nor will the lighting be reflected in the sky."...... Not sure why this is in the article as this facility is entirely in Schulkill Township. Just as well too because lord knows the Borough doesn't enforce light pollution ordinances. Just ask the Hospital's neighbors.
Anonymous said…
Since it is in Schuykill Township, does that make it less newsworthy?
Anonymous said…
It is about time because Phoenixville really needs some price control for gas. With WAWA in the mix, we won't have to be held hostage by the high prices of gas elsewhere in town.
Anonymous said…
To: 8/7/09 6:25 worthy has nothing to do with it. You're not able to see that quoting Borough Ordinances that do NOT apply in the township is a significant mis representation? Hopfully the township has a similar ordinance and actually enforces it. What's wrong with you?
Anonymous said…
First of all, isn't that East Pikeland Township?
Anonymous said…
It is Schulkill, trust me. Granted a rather strange sliver of the township but their's none the less. That's why Schulkill Twp. had to approve it and why it took so long. If it were East Pikeland this would have been approved and built years ago.
Anonymous said…
Not Wawa related, but does anyone know when the Gay Street bridge is supposed to be done. I can't find any updates anywhere.
Anonymous said…
Are you sure the whole thing is in the Township? Rite-Aid is in Phoenixville. There's a funny jog in the line separating Phoenixville from the Township and perhaps part of the Wawa/CVS layout IS withing the territory of Phoenixville.
Anonymous said…
To: 8/8/09 6:17 AM....not sure how to convince you but none of the Wawa or CVS will be in the Borough. You'll just have to trust that I am in a position to know and have access to maps to verify that knowledge.
Anonymous said…
Does anyone know if the new CVS will include a minute clinic? They should.
Anonymous said…
im thinking of opening a pharmacy along route 23 and route 113. to serve the terribly deprived neighborhoods. cant believe we don't have any out there.
Anonymous said…
I've been boycotting Phoenixvile gas stations for years, LOL. I am thrilled that I won't need to drive to Spring City for gas.
Yes- I know I drive 10 miles round-trip and the money probably evens out, but it is the principle of the thing. I refuse to support the big E who stayed high in spite of hard economic times and those that followed the big E.
Bring it Wawa!
VC said…
Am I the only person who wonders why another pharmacy is needed so close to 3 others (Kmart, Giant, and Rite Aid)?
Anonymous said…
Maybe they'll get real competetive and start reducing prices to win the business......yeah right....when pigs fly.
Anonymous said…
build more WAWAs and demolish excess pharmacies. america's drug dependency, more pharmacies, bigger cash cows!

"light pollution?" whatever! this is one of the consequences regarding urban expansion and growth, deforestation, etc.

look what the pigs are building in collegeville. nice chunk of greenland flattened for more businesses, "LIGHT POLLUTION" whatever with the politics! show me the money!
New Clear Power said…
Gay Street Bridge should be done next spring, if I remember correctly.
Anonymous said…
The Gay St. bridge is supposed to be done in the Spring of 2010, but I heard that they are moving ahead well. Hopefully it will re-open before then.
Anonymous said…
We will also have a Giant Gas station to compete with the WaWA too in the near future.
Mike said…
I think this is great to have a Super Wawa as others have said to compete with gas prices in Phoenixville. I always drive to Audubon's Wawa for gas to save the money. I hope this is true competition. This will also help the congestion around the current Wawa location since it will be gone. Another pharmacy makes sense because there are so many baby boomers retiring. More people than ever are on prescriptions. Why not have plenty of options and be able to handle the load and get good personalized service. I like to see all of the progress. Now if we can only fill that former Eckerd store with something useful. I always hope that a good chain restaurant will come like an IHOP, Olive Garden, Perkins, etc.
JW said…
A few months back the Phoenix indicated that the Eckerd was to be replaced by a Giant gas station. The building still has a for sale sign on it though so I am not sure if that fell through.

There is an Olive Garden going in at the Providence Town Center up in Collegeville.
Anonymous said…
What about gas stations in Oaks by 422? We need something up there!!
Anonymous said…
Any updates on when the Super WaWa will open?
Anonymous said…
does anyone know whether the old wawa will be shut down once new super wawa opens up?

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