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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Local Business Spotlight: RentNotBuy.com

Reader Leo wrote in today to tell me about a business he and a friend started in January. The company, RentNotBuy.com, provides a way for people to rent things they do not need to those who do. Says Leo:

"RentNotBuy.com provides a marketplace to allow users to rent things they own to each other. By renting things you own you can reduce consumption (and thus pressure on natural resources) and earn a bit of cash at the same time. By renting from others on RentNotBuy.com, rather than buying, you can save some money and reduce the amount of "rarely used" junk in your life.

RentNotBuy.com is free to use and always will be. It is a resource for the local community.

RentNotBuy.com was founded at the beginning of the year and is based in Phoenixville, PA.

RentNotBuy.com is already gaining some exposure. They were recently featured in Daily Candy Philadelphia and there are already over 100 items available to rent.

For more information, please visit the website at http://www.rentnotbuy.com.

Best of luck to Leo and co. with their new project!

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