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Melchiorre Park Update

Well, went to the Melchiorre Park discussion tonight and was able to find out the following. Despite the fact it has been described as a 23 acre park, there is really only about 10 acres of usable land. The rest is either too hilly or wooded. On that 10 acres, the plan is to build two softball fields. Dissecting those two fields will be a multi-use field that is the size of a regulation soccer field.

In addition, two buildings will be on the property. One will be used as a gymnasium that is big enough for two basketball courts. The other, smaller building, will be made up of locker rooms, offices, and classrooms/meeting rooms.

Throughout the park will be paths that will circle the fields as well as lead down to two trails that frame French Creek. From these trails will be various paths to the creek to allow for fishing.

These plans are considered the 'pre-final' plans. What this means is that, after a couple of years of study, this is the way things appear to be heading. A number of questions were asked but none really challenged the overall design. Some suggestions included a skate park as well as additional parking (current plan is for a little over 100 spots).

All things said, it seems as if completion of the park is a ways off. Apparently, the next step is to finalize the design. Once that is done, they will start to go through the cost of what they have proposed to see what stays and what goes. Then, they will start to actually build everything.


Anonymous said…
That park gives every appearance of being a VERY expensive boondoggle by the borough.

Didn't they pay $1.? MILLION for the property? Shocking that only 10 acres of the 23 are actually usable.

What a raw deal. By the time they get done paying for the consultants, engineering and actually building the fields and buildings, the total cost of the 10acres with improvements will be in the neighborhood $2 million.

Too much money for too little return.

What were they thinking?
Anonymous said…
They should put in a frisbee golf course.
Anonymous said…
This thing will never be built.

There are too many other things the boro needs before it needs 2 softball fields and a gym on top of a fly ash dump for a couple of million dollars.

Whada waste.
Anonymous said…
Any mention of something like an outdoor picnic area?

Gym seems a little strange.
RMorin said…
They should save the rest of the money and leave the park as mostly a natural greenspace with walking trails into town.
Unknown said…
I remember a few years back there was discussion of a walking trail leading to Bridge Street. That was such a great way to connect those of us in Northridge, as well over in Westridge, to the rest of the borough. Too bad.
RMorin said…
It looks like most of the area will remain forested which is great. Additionally, the site will be surrounded by a 1/3-mile perimeter trail, with connections to the French Creek trail on the creek’s north bank, and a bridge connector to the trail on the creek’s south bank. There are also plans for a tot lot (I guess that is a playground?)
Anonymous said…
I agree that this park appears to be a boondoggle. Why do we need a gym and sports complex? Isn't that what the YMCA provides?

The Borough shouldn't be trying to duplicate what the Y does. As long as we have the property, we might as well do something with it, but with only 10 acres "useable" and no walking access for those who live on the North Side, I think the concept should be more nature-oriented.
Anonymous said…
It is not called "Melchoirre Park." The borough is simply referring to it as, "The Park."
Anonymous said…
I also thinnk the gym is a dumb idea.
Anonymous said…
why would you have a gym when you have the Civic Center and the Y?

Put up some more townhomes, have some trails, and let the rest become a nature sanctuary. Since it's right on French Creek it would be good for birds and amphibians.
Anonymous said…
The last thing we need in Phoenixville is more townhomes. Everything is already being developed into townhomes/condos.
Anonymous said…
The Borough would sell the Civic Center so the new "Community Center" and gym would be at "The Park."
RMorin said…
I would hate to see the Civic Center sold by the borough.

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