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La Crêperie Café Bis Opens

Yesterday, Phoenixville's newest cafe opened. La Crêperie Café Bis, located at the corner of Bridge and Gay Streets at the base of the Gay St. Bridge, opened its doors at 11am. As you can probably guess by its name, La Crêperie features both sweet and savory crêpes which, owner Marietou Fanny says, are made with only fresh ingredients. Fanny also owns a restaurant in Center City in Philadelphia called La Crêperie Café, which has been open for nine years.

La Crêperie is open seven days a week. Hours are Monday-Friday from 11am-10pm, Saturday 11am-11pm and Sunday from 10am-7pm.

Best of luck to Marietou and her staff!

Source: The Phoenix


Anonymous said…
We just back from an AMAZING meal at La Creperie. Everything was so fresh and the dessert crepe was delightful. I highly recommend them!!
Anonymous said…
I'd give it 3.5 stars out of 5. The crepes we all got were delicious, the servers were well-intentioned but a little clumsy (cleared our plates while we were still at the table even though the restaurant was not full). Also the tables are weird, very rickety so that if you moved bumped it you felt like you were going to knock your glass over. Finally, $12 for one crepe seems a bit steep. All told, I'll come back but maybe once every couple of months, not every week.
Anonymous said…
Excellent food ... awful service. 20 minutes elapsed between the time we were given the dessert menus and the time the waitress returned to take our order ... and the place was not packed. Then she forgot our order. We will go back again because the food was that good. Hopefully the staff will be better trained.
Anonymous said…
I've been looking forward to the opening of this creperie for months. I've had some wonderful crepes made near Penn's campus and I assumed this was the same owner.

I was disappointed with the service. I sat at the counter and waitresses/waiter passed by me multiple times. No one seemed to be responsible for the counter, and no one took the initiative.

The crepe seemd to take forever to arrive though there were less than 15 people at the tables. I'll chalk that up to being new and needing to get their team to flow together.

What was most disappointing was the crepe itself. The creperie on Penn's campus has twice the filling in their entree at half the price. For $14 one would like more than a slice of turkey cold cuts in the filling.
I may return to try the dessert crepes, which were more reasonably priced.
I must say the iced tea was fabulous, but again it was $1.75 for about six ounces, and I'm sure no one was refilling glasses for free.
Anonymous said…
I am planning on going there this Friday. (Black Friday). I grew up in Phoenixville and used to go to that building with my Grandmother and Brother to rent movies. My Grandmother recently died, so this will be a special trip for me. Lots of memories.
Can anyone recommend something to try there?
Anonymous said…
I agree. The crepes were very good.Pricing was too steep. I can get a large crepe with filling (no service) for about 8 dollars at the mall. Service was ok. The waitress didn't know what the specials were and tried to read them from the blackboard ...but could not pronounce the French words. It looks nice and welcoming though.
Anonymous said…
OK, Let me say I was for-warned.
I went today like I said I was going to in yesterdays comment. It was eventful. When we first got there the girl that sat us, asked us to sit at a table that the peoples chairs on either side were right up against the chairs that we were supposed to sit in. I asked if we could sit at the table across on the other side, and the girl said the table was broken. We then sat at another table that kept rocking back and forth. We were going to put something under the table leg and here there was already a bunch of napkins under it. We ordered our food. It was OK, once it got there. We waited about one half hour for it. One of the guests I was with asked for coffee with her meal and they never brought it. She offered to bring it later, my guest said no. I asked for another soda and after about 20 mins I had another waitress get it. My tomato's were almost white and very hard. The Quiche that I had was dry. The dressing on the romain lettuce was very salty. My other two guests liked their food. We had 3 sodas, tomato appetizer, 2 Quiche slices and a crepes meal and it cost us 50.00 dollars. I may go again once they get the bugs out. We will wait and see what other comments appear. I would give it 2 stars out of 5.
Anonymous said…
I probably had the impression before going that this was the type of place that you could stop by for a quick bite to eat or pick-up a few crepes to take home for a meal or light snack. I was very very surprised that the average crepe was about $10-$12. We ordered 3 crepes and a couple of non-alcoholic drinks (the iced tea was $3.50) and the bill was over $40. The food was just o.k. Nothing special. I'm not sure who they are catering to but at these prices there are plenty of other choices.
Anonymous said…
My husband and I were excited to try out a new restaurant in Phoenixville however when we arrived for dinner at 7pm on Monday they were closed! We had read online they were to be open 7 days a week and they were open earlier when we drove by. Disappointed yet not surprised, so we went elsewhere. Wondering if this place is going to make the cut or not, from reading other reviews not looking so good.
Anonymous said…
Well, after hearing how good the food was, we had to check it out. We went on Sunday for brunch...We were 8 people and after a LONG time of waiting for our food to come out, two people at the table did not get their food. The servers were shocked that we never got the two dishes and the two unfortunate people ended up eating off of the other six's plates....The food that we did get was phenomenal - by all accounts! We knew we had to have dessert and so we each ordered something....In the meantime, I kept asking (at least 4 times) for a refill on my coffee and FINALLY on the last try, I got it (the restaurant was extremely crowded). Dessert was great if not better than our brunch and when the check came, we quickly wanted to see if the 2 missing dishes were on there and indeed they were! When questioned, the server said she would be right back...She disappeared for a few minutes and when she came back she told us that she was unable to take them off the bill and that they were made (but somehow never got to us) - somehow NOT our problem...We asked again, nicely for the food to be removed from our bill. Shortly thereafter, what we think was the owner, came out and seemed to be reprimanding and yelling at the servers RIGHT IN FRONT of us ALL to see and belittled them and made them feel that it was their fault! It was very disconcerting to say the least...
We would definitely go back as, like I said, the food was delicious and everyone deserves a second chance but the whole experience was very shocking and won't soon be forgotten.
Anonymous said…
I was a little hesitant to eat here, based on these reviews. But, the food was excellent, and the service was fine (granted, the restaurant was not too crowded on a weekday lunch time. . .).

I thought the prices were a little steep though. Lunch for 4 averaged out to $18 a piece, for just 1 crepe each and a soft drink. I know I could eat for less at other places in town.

The building is beautiful and the crepes are outstanding though, so I will definitely go back.
Anonymous said…
We have been waiting for this cafe to open for over a year. We stopping in for dinner on Friday at approx. 9:30pm, and we were absolutely enthralled. First, it is refreshing to have a healthy dose of culture in the all-American Phoenixville, a town steeping in an industrial past. Second, the location is perfectly situated on the NE corner of Bridge and Gay Streets. Thirdly, Ms. Fanny (owner) made sure to stop at each and every table to ask her customers questions and assure a wonderful dining experience. She was very personable, and it an era of lacking customer service and caring (thank you, bloated chains and franchises), it was an added touch of warmth. Fourth, the atmosphere. With 9-foot+ ceilings, tasteful yet muted colors, perfect lighting, and elegant French music pumped throughout, one felt that they were in a quaint village on the French Riviera. Most of all, the crepes were postiviely sensational, a fine example of quality cuisine. This is not your run-of-the-mill diner making hack crepe. This is class, from top to bottom. And the menu selections were almost overwheleming. Not one crepe recipe repeats itself, with Nutella quite prominent in the sweet selections. These are authentic recipes here, and one should appreciate the detail that went into preparing these selections. Service was excellent as well. I have read some less than stellar reviews here, mainly from individuals who have probably not left the comfort of the United States, and used to the sad US custom of "more for less." For instance, "the creperie on Penn's campus has twice the filling in their entree at half the price." Can Americans not be happy without stuffing their face with bloated portions at cheap prices? The crepes at Ms. Fanny's establish,ent are to be savoured, enjoyed, and at a rational portion (lest we forget the growing obesity epidemic sweeping the nation). Yes, the La Crêperie Café Bis is not inexpensive, but for the quality of the food, it is quite reasonable. In addition, it is all not overpriced like, say, the Black Lab Bistro (which belongs more on the Main Line for those with little patience and more $$$ than they know what to do with). For those reviewers lacking a wordly view ("tables are weird, very rickety, $12 for one crepe seems a bit steep" ), one is missing the overall experiece. This is not a quick stop on your way to a busy day: this is an enjoyable dining experience. It will take some time to make a crepe to order properly. Plus, this is the first week La Crêperie Café Bis is open. Anything new needs to gets into the groove and get the bugs out. Give it a chance to get comfortable with what appears to be a less than tolerant clientele. Everything was ****. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Anonymous said…
Understandably given time the service will get better. Whats great about this blog is we all have our opinions.
With that, your statement about some individuals who not having left the United States is untrue in my case as well as more for less. Great you had great service, I for one did not and I'm not someone who is overweight trying to get a deal on food.
Anonymous said…
Tried the crepes and a niciose salad yesterday.Who complained
about Black Lab Bistro earlier?
The food unfortunately was tasteless but salty if you can
imagine that combo.I have payed
less for a Salmon Luncheon at the Black Lab than I payed for a salty
ham and Mushroom crepe and for the
dieting gentleman earlier crepes
are carbs.What are you thinking?
Anonymous said…
To Amandabrecondwith
I hope that you understand there is a thing called an opinion. People will give them, good or bad. I gave a good and bad opinion. The women who owns the shop knows what she is doing, due to the fact that she has another establishment that has been open for about 8 years. I think she needs to know what the bugs were and are in her place. Had she come to our table I would have told her what are issues were. I can tell in your writing that you are a little upset with the opinions of others. By the way, you weren't the waitress that forgot our coffee, were you?
Anonymous said…
Shoot, Nigel, someone forgot your coffee at La Creperie too? That happened to my wife.

She and I went there the opening weekend, and we're in line with the rickety table/slow service comments with her adding how she hated being charged $3 for a lukewarm Sanka that wasn't refilled. For us, the service was so slow we went across the street to get desert at the Cafe Artisan (which, to me, is a gem of a place).

Prices aside, at this point she and I would be more willing to go to Black Lab than risk La Creperie again. Yes, Black Lab ain't cheap in its current incarnation, but the food and service are always top-rate and the tables are solidly grounded.
Jackson333 said…
I took my wife and our two younger children [4 & 5 years old] to eat dinner tonite, at this new restaurant. My family and I are used to fine dining, so price isn't an issue for us, especially if the food and service are good. However, the crepes were lousy [the filling was too dry, way too much garlic, and contained hardly any filling]. The male waiter ill-informed us about the ingredients in our meals, and was frankly, generally useless. The bill was $77. For this amount of money we ordered precisely three regular crepes, one salad and two dessert crepes. This place is an absolute joke and rip-off. It is a shame because we were looking forward to going to this new restaurant before it opened. In conclusion, I don't mind paying for a great meal and service and ambience, but this place only delivered in one of these areas; I would not recommend it to others.
Anonymous said…

I was your "generally useless" waiter. Now, I did NOT ill-inform you about the ingredients in your kids' food. You pointed at "La Marginale" on the menu, and said, "I'll have the Margherita."

After it arrived, you complained that it was "too spicy" for your kids... that it had peppers in it.

Had you read the menu instead of arguing with your wife over quiche, you would have, in fact, read that it had pepper in it.

Don't blame me for your inability to read.

Thanks for the $3 tip.
Anonymous said…
NB in RE: Peppers.

They were green peppers.

Seriously... "too spicy"?

Be real now.
Anonymous said…
I agree on giving the La Creperie a chance to iron out the kinks of service and such. ANY new restaurant will have its flaws at first. The food is AMAZING though and worth the wait. I like the idea of bringing a hip good place to eat like the Creperie to boring little Phoenxville. So all the complainers should give the joint a chance. I can't believe people actually rush home to complain over the internet about this place!!
Anonymous said…
generally when you pay good hard
earned money for a product that is far below par you like to warn others about it.Don't you?
Anonymous said…
I took my family out the the creperie tonight. I had been there before, and, as many people have remarked, the tables were almost unbearable.

Tonight, they were fine!

As most of the Bridge Street restaurants are during the week, The Creperie was pretty slow tonight. I walked around to the empty tables around the room, and, to my surprise, none of them wobbled! I asked my waiter about it, and he said that they had spent all day working on them, finally getting them so they don't rock.

As for the food, it was delicious as usual. I had the Paysanne, which was goat cheese, leeks, mushrooms, and basil. It was perfectly cooked and tasted amazing.

The wait staff was friendly and both of them worked wonderfully together. The waiter for our table really impressed me by having the entire menu memorized! There have to be at least 80 different things on the menu, and he was able to name something if I described it. It was truly impressive.

I highly recommend that you go check this place out. As you may or may not know, the place is very new; barely a month old. As they owner, cooks and servers start getting into the swing of things, I believe it can only get better. As for all the lame reviews on here, I have nothing bad to say. For the pretty large-sized crepes, prices were fine!

5/5 stars. Go and check it out! Give these people a chance with YOUR OWN opinion... not anyone else's!
Anonymous said…
As for using my OWN OPINION, I think I did. Everyone else seemed to use their own opinion also. Seems to me that someone from the creperie looks at this blog and did some fixin. The poor waiter who only got a 3 dollar tip must have gone back and told the owner. I am glad they read this. I wish the owner of the creperie the best of luck and I hope nobody ever forgets her coffee LOL! I will patronize again, when the bugs are out.
Anonymous said…
Yesterday, my husband and I met friends for dinner at La Creperie in Phoenixville. We are fairly new homeowners in the borough of Phoenixville and could not be happier with all of the revitalization taking place downtown. We love that La Creperie is a quick walk from our doorstep. I do think the meal and experience is well worth the drive though, for those of you traveling from neighboring towns. We stopped in to the Wine and Spirits store just a few doors down on Bridge St. for a bottle of wine. I like BYOB restaurants. They were ready to seat us for our 7pm reservation. I noticed the beautifully restored ceiling and exposed brick right away. The atmosphere was comfortable and the wait staff were friendly. I had never tasted anything other than a sweet crepe before, and was impressed with the variety of dinner crepes on their menu. I typically like seafood and sushi so I opted for La Norvegiene. The crepe contained smoked salmon, brie, zucchini, and basil. It was delicious, paired with a chilled glass of pinot grigio. My husband had the Bon Appetit and said it was delicious as well. Our party of 6 enjoyed sharing a sweet crepe for dessert, La Chouette. I thought the prices were reasonable, especially because there are not comparable restaurants like this one in the area. Bathrooms are wheelchair accessible too! I work in health care so I am always keeping an eye out for that stuff. I recommend that you try this quaint little place. We will definitely be back!
Anonymous said…
do you work there?
Anonymous said…
Just had dinner at La Creperie. It was a very cold night, so business was a little slow. No problem with tables, chairs, or service, but it would have felt cramped if there had been anyone sitting on either side of us. Food was delicious. L'Orientale crepe was flawless. I had no problem paying $15 for such a wonderful tasting meal. I will definitely back to try something different.
Anonymous said…
I had a wonderful dinner (and dessert)last night. Service was very good. The atmosphere is low key,relaxing and quiet. The French music and menu touches let you know you're in for something other than the same old meal.

What a wonderful addition to Phoenixville !!
Anonymous said…
We have been to the restaurant twice. It took a very long time to receive our meal the second time. Tuesday is movie night for our group. We barely made the 7:30 movie time inspite of our 6:15 arrival at the restaurant. There were six of us, but the rest of the restaurant was almost empty.
We will return again even though the service was so slow.
The food is excellent. There is a South of France feel to the place. I think when the owner gets her act together, the place will be very successful. Give it a try. You won't be disappointed!!!!
Anonymous said…
You guys are not going to believe this one! Well after my not so great experience the first time around. I thought today we would try it again. We get to the door at the Creperie and it says that they open at 11am. READY FOR THIS.... WE COULDN'T GET IN!!!!!!! For some reason the door was locked, the lights were on, we did not see a single soul inside. What in the @#$% is going on here. We had sushi instead. I am done. Maybe they saw me coming a mile away and said quick lock the door!
Anonymous said…
I like this place. Someone put alot of love into it. Great food. Love BYOB's. I actually inspect kitchens and restaurants for a living. Our waitperson was great.
Only problems:
No papertowels in bathroom but loved the European unisex potties.
great idea. I just grabbed a big stack of napkins and put them in there.
Waited over 30 minutes for dessert.
They had 15 people waiting to be seated when we left at 7:30 and not enough people to deal with it quickly.
In a nutshell, they need more waitstaff period. Easy to get. The people they have are great (the heavily tattooed hostess is not friendly) and I feel sure that they will get more.
Also, they don't recycle at all, so take your wine bottles home with you and save the planet!
We'll go back for sure.
Anonymous said…
My girlfriend and I went here the other day and we both really enjoyed it. We were there at lunch time and it wasn't too busy, but the inside of the building is very nice and its a fairly relaxing environment. We got coffee and tea and a desert crepe. The crepe was great and same with the beverages. At $3.00 for a cup of coffee/tea it seems a bit steep but the free refills makes it worth it. Its a nice place for a lunch or breakfast but I doubt I'd go there for a dinner.
Anonymous said…
What a bunch of spoiled cry-babies! Get over yourselves already.
Anonymous said…
All I wanted was good service...
You know.... the thing you pay for when you go out to a restaurant, along with good food of course. I tried a second time, I couldn't get in. It must have been a sign.
Anonymous said…
I went to La Creperie Sunday evening. The service was very good. Selection was amazing. The food was great. Prices were reasonable. I liked the ambiance. I had to try and rock the table, and no, it didn't move. I'm from out of state on business and I've strongly recommended La Creperie to my colleagues and left a recommendation at the Marriott for other travelers.
Anonymous said…
Nigel - You strike me as someone baby-sitting this forum, ready to jump on anyone stating this restaurant is decent. You wrote this place off from the start -- you're one of those overly demanding, unforgiving, PITA customers, that all people who have worked in the restaurant business just roll their eyes heaven-ward at b/c they know there will be no pleasing the jerk that you are. Can't you see that you're just a little too invested in this restaurant? Give it up, let go, and stick to experiences you can handle -- you know the ones... steeped in backwards, old-school, unrefined, unworldly Phoenixville traditions.

I for one enjoyed this restaurant immensely. Phoenixville should be oh-so-pleased that the owner decided to give it a shot here. Our towns needs more places like this, and Majolica's, and Hipster, and Romantic Jewelry. Great quality food! My dessert crepe was so yummy. The ambience is absolutely charming. Chairs are a bit uncomfortable. I had no problem with quantity of filling -- thought it was just right. Menu was clear. $3.00 for coffee is a bit high. Look forward to going back again and again to try lots of new stuff!!
Anonymous said…
I stopped in at the creperie with my husband one Friday night(8ish). It was relatively empty with 3 waitstaff. We were ignored at the door for literally 15 minuites or so. When we were finally sat, I was a little thrown off by the menu (pizza crepes, really?) The menu description for my husband's crepe had ground beef in it. It came out with the lamb sausage instead which is too gamey for his taste. My crepe was dry and overly salty with hardly any filling. I live in town and would rather drive the 40min to Beau Monde for a crepe and service worth the money. HUGE Let Down.
Anonymous said…
TO the moron that said I am babysitting this forum......please save your personal opinion of me, put in a crepe and do you know what with it. You have know idea what you are talking about. HAPPY CREPE EATING!!!!
Anonymous said…
Aw dude....
I went to the creperie cafe le autre nuit and it was tres bien. no really. the food was made quickly, i know because it was hot when it came out. Our bubbly blonde waitress was a good time. The other waitress on duty, the cute Italian chick with dark hair was more than willing to assist our table as well, just lending a helpful, but professional hand.
So to anyone to has a problem with the creperie...
Unknown said…
poor service,awful seating,meh crepes.wasn't even a good meal,let alone a "dining experience".
expensive is o.k,overpriced is annoying.3.50 for a tiny glass of weak tea?3.00 for average coffee?
no sides or garnish or any presentation whatsoever.
Anonymous said…
A wise person said, "you show who you are by how you treat people who are serving you." [Oprah]

I have been back several times and brought friends. We've all enjoyed the food. The service is not 5-star but then, c'mon people, give them a break. They are young. They're learning. Why are people being so harsh. As another person said, well-intentioned. I think the food makes it worth it and to those of you who say there's not enough in the crepes - sheeze, you don't NEED more than that. If you want more for your money, go to McDonalds or Wendy's.
Anonymous said…
It began when we walked in to the restaurant (only one other table was there) and after making a reservation, were greeted with disappointment that we had arrived. We were shown to our table and we soon saw someone from the kitchen walk into the restaurant with a belly shirt on underneath a white apron (not a pretty sight). This seemed a bit unprofessional. We did notice a group of people from the kitchen head out for what we thought was a smoke break as well. When placing our orders, we were informed that substituting items in the crepes would cost us the amount of the item. If that is the policy that is fair, but it did seem a bit strict (our server did inform us that if another chef had been working that night, then maybe they would be more willing to do this without cost). We got through the order without too much complication. As our server was refilling our waters though, she did make the mistake of pouring water into one of our parties sprite glass. An easy mistake, but it just added to the experience and it did take her 10 minutes to come back with a new one. Next we were served our bread. The bread was very good, but a few of them were still frozen inside (we had cut them open and felt inside them). As each of our party did not receive a roll, we sent them back hoping to get some new ones. They just reheated them (seemed obvious they were reheated in a microwave) and brought the same rolls back to our table. Again, just seemed a bit unprofessional. Our starters came out and there were a few issues:1) The warmed goat's cheese salad arrived without goat's cheese. When it was taken back to the kitchen, it came back with cold goat's cheese on a messy plate. 2) One of the soups ordered arrived with the spoon in the bowl.3) Both soups were luke warm at best.Once the problems were resolved, the food was very good. The only issue we had with the food when the main course arrived was the olives were missing from the vegetarian crepe. We were informed when the main courses were out that the kitchen wanted to close and that if we wanted dessert, we should order them as soon as possible (this was at 9:30, a half hour before the restaurant is supposed to close). Again, we felt that was very unprofessional. And when we told them we would like to order dessert, our server seemed disappointed.I wouldn't normally feel the need to contact anyone about my restaurant experience, but I did find this to be an exceptional case. Luckily, it did keep our table entertained (we did still leave a 15% tip.) Again, we didn't have problems with the food when served correctly, but we felt for a Saturday night this was a very poor showing and we will not be recommending this restaurant. We felt as if the staff had no intention of making our meal a nice experience, just simply to get us out of there as soon as possible. All based on our experience 1/3/09.
Anonymous said…
I have been to La Creperie several times now, bringing new people with me each time because I want to share how great it is! I've always gone at "off" times so it has not been crowded. I like the general decor, and the ceiling is so pretty! But the food is obviously the point. Before I had my first crepe I thought the prices were steep, but the crepes are large, and I was pleasantly satisfied by the end. My suggestion is that if you go with one other person and you're not completely ravenous to order a savory crepe and a sweet crepe and split them. Best of both worlds!

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