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101 Bridge to Open Tomorrow

Received a phone call from my sister (who happens to be moving into Phoenixville on Saturday) who said there is a sign in front of the new 101 Bridge Restaurant saying that it will be opening tomorrow(6/25). It appears they are having a private opening tonight. If anyone here attended tonight or plans to attend over the next couple of days, please write in with your thoughts on Phoenixville's newest restaurant.

Editor Note 6/25: This has been confirmed by a couple of the commenters.


Anonymous said…
I did not attend by peeked in the windows Monday evening. There were folks inside who confirm the place is opening Wednesday.
Anonymous said…
I spoke with a local business person (lawyer) and he attended the private opening and said the food was a limited menu but was very good and the atmosphere was incredible. He said he expects this to be a busy atmosphere on a consistent basis that will bring in a nice client base to the downtown.
Anonymous said…
I hope they eventually make a website soon. It is the 21st century, you know. But the building looks nice and clean, and from what I saw from the sidewalk outside, the inside of the place looks pretty fancy. A website would let everyone know what to expect though. But I doubt the Moon Saloon crowd would go there for dinner and drinks.
Anonymous said…
I agree that they need a website ASAP. I looked for one last night b/c I'd love to see a menu, but no luck.

That building is beautiful!! I can't wait to see the inside.
Anonymous said…
It's operated by the people who run Baxter's. Expect much of the same (no judgement...)
Anonymous said…
I agree I'd love to see a menu or a website -- that would help a lot to let me know if I'd like to visit or not.

Has Phoenixville suddenly become restaurant-naming challenged? It may be easy to simply name one's restaurant as one's address (and maybe it saves the operators the Commonwealth's "fictious name search"), but as a possible patron, these "addresses as restaurant names" aren't telling me anything. And I would think that a catchy restaurant name would help with advertising.

Just noting that the newest restaurants in town -- 101 Bridge and South Main Street Cafe -- are too "open slate" to tell customers anything about them. At least the Phoenix Diner tells you what it will be.
Anonymous said…
I think life would be far too boring if everything was like the "Thai Restaurant" in the giant shopping center, or "China Buffet" :P
Anonymous said…
get ready phoenixville,
The chef who is running this restaurant is a professional with an unbelievable talent in the culinary world. I worked beside this man and he is a true chef if anyone ever deserves such a title.
Johnny Zaa Zaa
Anonymous said…
My wife and I ate there on Wednesday evening. Had the tuna tower, crab/tomato bisque/ and lobster bread pudding - all which were very good with really interesting presentation. Chris, the GM, was very accomodating and stopped by the table several times to check up. Service is still working out the kinks, which is to be expected. The inside looks great. You won't believe it's the same bombed out building that was an eyesore for so long. Regulars at the Baxter's in Malvern may recognize one of the bartenderes. We'll definitely be back. A nice addition to our scene. Recommended.
Anonymous said…
there is grafitti on the walls...they're opening?
Anonymous said…
That Iron Hill / 101 Bridge / First Friday parking lot is not big enough to handle the increasing popularity of this town!!!

I like the name '101 Bridge'. It's very urban and hip. Sounds like something you'd see in NYC. Now, a clever name is "That Italian Place" that's opening soon on Bridge Street. Hopefully this will be the Italian restaurant that won't have to close down after a few months.
Anonymous said…
My husband and I ate there tonight. AMAZING!! The ratatouille starter is to die for. Entrees are in the $20-30 range and the portions are very generous. Service is friendly and it's beautiful inside. This is a great addition to Phoenixville!
Anonymous said…
I attended the opening and had a great time. The place is beautiful and the food was great-- shrimp appetizer and tuna w/ lomein style noodles in a great spicy sauce. loved it!
Anonymous said…
I ate there last night with my wife and father-in-law. It was more pricey than we planned, but if you ask for the bar menu you can get a really good pastrami sandwich or a solid, quality beef burger for $10 or so. And I have to second the previous commenter's opinion on the ratatouille - it is amazing. Nothing else like it in town.

Also, try the cheesecake. They make it just right: not too sweet and not too rich.
Anonymous said…
Stopped in last night for a peek. It's beautiful! They've managed to retain the historic character of the building, while adding a hip, contemporary flair. The bar area is perfect for just stopping in for a drink. The dining areas are intimate and elegant. Can't wait to try the food. Everyone was friendly, weloming and excited to be part of our town.
Anonymous said…
Nate, thanks for the tip about the bar menu! After dinner Thursday night my husband and I can't wait to go back but can't really fit a weekly trip there into our budget. Now that I know about the burger & sandwich options, we can go more often!
Anonymous said…
I have only heard good things. I look forward to visiting soon.
Anonymous said…
We ate there Friday night on a whim. Because it was First Friday, it appeared that casual dress was allowed, but one would feel at ease dressed up as well. We ordered the Scallop Tart, Prime Rib, and Scallop and Crab Raviolis. All terrific with interesting flavors. It didn't look like alot of food but we were stuffed - no room for dessert.
Entrees in the 20-30 range.
Anonymous said…
My mother & I ate there Sunday evening. The service was great & the food was wonderful. The only disappointment was that the dinner rolls came out frozen. We had the italian salad app., scallop/crab ravioli. duck & lemon/blueberry tart.
Anonymous said…
Tried it on Sunday... Excellent service, great atmosphere, and food like this town hasn't seen. A must for those who truly enjoy dining!
Anonymous said…
Realistically, You want to
wait a while to try this place.
Surely my ridiculously bad dining
experience must be chocked up to
newness.Everyone was very nice
but serious progress will have
to happen in order for this establishment to survive in this
town, in this category of restaurant,and this price range.

Good luck!
Anonymous said…
I love how people think that a "high end" restaurant can't make it in P-ville. Mr Realistically seems to think that for a restaurant of a higher caliber to survive in "this" town they need luck or some other voodoo.

Hmmm, maby Mr Realistically should look at the demographics of this town and the surrounding towns. The demographics according to Pat Ryan who owns Ryans Pub in West Chester and Smokey Joes in Philly (an institution in Philly) say that there is more than enough money in P-ville for great food and drinks. Or maybe Mr Realistically can ask the owners of Iron Hill why they moved to P-ville. Or maybe ask Andrew at Majolica named one of the top 50 restaurants in Philly by food critics (that all of Philadelphia) and ask him how his high priced restaurant is doing. Or maybe you can ask Declin and Connor how Molly McGuires is doing and why their opening up a high end martini and whiskey bar.

The point is that these are the professionals and they say the demographics say "great" in P-ville. So stop making stupid comments about how you don't think an establishment will do well in "this" town. I guarantee you 101 will be around a lot longer than you will.

101 is owned by Baxters which has some successful establishments (although not my style) 101 restaurant sure is my style. The food will work itself out and they will provide a great dining experience for anyone. I assume Mr Realistically has never owned a restaurant and doesn't understand that a "soft opening" is just to work the kinks out (as he hoped). Great investigative work.
Anonymous said…
the only thing that matters to me
as a consumer is that the product
is a value for my money. Hopefully
the establishment will be able to deliver that on my next visit because it fell miserably short
this time. As for your statictics
and demographics I do not care.
You sound bitter about something
try it yourself.
Anonymous said…
I agree with the "Anonymous" posting of 6/30 @ 11:53 PM. Perhaps "Realistically" should stick with his usual Burger King/MacDonald's dining.

Also, for those looking for a website, I'm sure that, in time, 101 Bridge will be added to the Baxter's website. After all, "Rome wasn't built in a day."
Anonymous said…
I would never eat at Burger King
and I do not understand the thinking of you people.You buy
an experience: I paid $240.00
for awful food, bad service,
extremely slow service,lack
of training and knowledge
of staff. I will not be swept
under the rug so easily.They
need to get with the program
and you folks need to realize
how capitalism works.Why attack
me for letting people know what
happened to me. Sorry the experience was not good, that is reality.
Anonymous said…
Wow, we're all impressed that you know the restaurant oweners' names. Like that makes your opinion more credible than any others. You definitely sound bitter. Are you the owner of 101 or something? Or the mother of the owner?

I agree with the other Anonymous. If I'm spending $240, the food and service better be good! And that's why I'm going to wait a bit for all the kinks of a new business to be worked out. And until I see a menu on a website. It's the 21st century. Mr. Baxter needs to realize that. Not only does it inform those who are curious about what the restaurant has ... it also tells the world that their restaurant exists!!! Tell him that for me, Mr. Bitter Man Picking on Mr. Realisitcally. I'm sure you know his name and address ... maybe his e-mail address if he has the internet.
Anonymous said…
$240 dollars isn't chump change -- and with hearing that entrees are in the $20 to $30 range, I, too, want to see a menu online or on the door before I patronize this establishment.

At the $20 to $30 price range, you are paying for the experience as well as the food (another why I want to see a menu -- liberal use of fresh seafood, truffle oil, etc is reasonable -- lots of pasta dishes means there better be one heck of an "experience"!), so it is very legitmate to say "this restaurant isn't quite up to prime-time -- give it another 60 days."

If we're hearing the same reports 6 months from now, then it's time to give this place a total pass. Meanwhile, go with what is comfortable for your price range -- for me, for that price range -- I want a polished experience as well as great food, so I'll be waiting another 60 days after the menu is published to try it out. Your "price point" may vary.
Chellie said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said…
101 Bridge is just what this town needed. No chicken caesar or baked
onion soup. This restaurant offers things I can't make at home, and the prices are reasonable
for the quality and creativity.
It is my new favorite restaurant.
The staff is freindly and they don't try to up sell you everything.
Anonymous said…
Funny. In regards to the "Realistically" post, the only negative review I've heard around town is from a local restaurant owner who, a bit too vocally, slammed 101 Bridge in a remarkably similar fashion to the above post. Of course this person would *never* post untruths online about their competition, would they??
Anonymous said…
Went to 101 last Thursday. Had a bunch of appitizers and drinks. The Tuna appitizer was ok (sauce at bottom soaked the tuna when cut which made difficult to keep seperate and taste the tuna) and the shrimp appitizer was decent but only had three for around $10. Also had stuffed mushrooms which had a quirky red sauce but were still pretty good. Salad was good. Drinks were decent as well. Rolls need to be improved as someone posted earlier.

Overall good experience for being open only a week or so and will try again in a couple months.
Anonymous said…
In response to Mr. Wow supporting Mr. Realistically, you obviously didn't read my comments too well or your took the Evelyn Woods' speed reading courses in the 80's and failed.

I didn't make any statements about his opinions but rather commented on his comments about "this type of restaurant surviving in P-ville. As far as knowing the owners names, maybe its because I take my time when reading the papers and retain information such as owners and their business records. Sorry if this is too progressive for you but maybe you should pay more attention. See ya around Evelyn.

Pete Schwetty
Anonymous said…
Mr.Realistically here.Last time I checked I didn't own a restaurant.Looks like the previous post was not glowing either.Just telling like it was I guess I really stepped on someones toes.
Anonymous said…
Those who have been there, is there anything on the menu for kids to eat? Or is this definitely not a place to bring the kids?
Anonymous said…
Mr. Realistically, give it a rest.
Anonymous said…
I've been to the pub At 101 Bridge 3 times now. As a single woman, I felt very comfortable sitting at the bar by myself. The bartender, Patrick, has been in the business for many years and it shows. He remembers my name every time. I think that the drinks are affordable and I've eaten the stuffed mushrooms & the steel mill sandwich. Both were excellent!! Eating in a new restaurant in the first few days is always risky, but judging from the large some of money that has obviously been invested here, I'm sure that those of you who had a bad experience will find changes on their second visit. I just can't see the owners allowing frozen bread or mediocre service to continue. This is why all comments are important.
Anonymous said…
Anyone have a phone number for 101 Bridge???
Anonymous said…

Please check this out for their information.
Anonymous said…
service: awfully animated.
Anonymous said…
hey 101 bridge resturant employes
me and some friends are recently visit your place
let me tell you guys you did a outstanding work
the food chef jeff createt was outstanding,thanks jeff we loved it
the services was fantastic
the place looks awesome

thanks again to all of you
Anonymous said…
We were there for happy hour and we had a wonderful time. The service was friendly and the food was good. We didn't order entrees but I thought the bill was extremely reasonable. We had burgers and appetizers and everything was very good. Great addition to Phoenixville!
Anonymous said…
Go to Baxter's if you want the WORST Customer Service EVER!

The owners of Baxter's also owned the restaurant named 101 in Phoenixville. 101 is now called Baxter's in Phoenixville.

I had booked a party for over 50 people at the restaurant in Phoenixville. I had selected the menu and made arrangements for the service and bar. I kept in weekly contact with the manager concerning the event. Three days before the event I called the manager to again confirm the arrangements. I then received very upsetting information. He told me the doors were locked at 101 and the party could not be held there. As you can imagine I was very upset. At the last minute I had find another location to hold the party and I had to contact everyone on the invitation list.

This was extremely unprofessional. No one called me, I had to call the restaurant manager to find this horrible news. I am so surprised at the complete LACK of customer service. They did not keep their commitment to having my party and they were not even going to contact me. If I had not reached their restaurant manager my guest would have showed up to a closed restaurant.

After this happened I sent a letter to Baxter's owners. I was giving them the benefit of the doubt to make sure they were informed of this situation. They never contacted me.

From this situation, it is clear why they are having so many problems running their restaurants.

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