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Summer Music Series Schedule

Barry Cassidy updated his blog with this year's Summer Music Series Molly Maguire’s
Summer Street Music Series schedule. Below are the details:

June 6 Mason Porter - Blue Grass
June 13 Octavia & the Earthblood Blues Band
June 20 Dirk Quinn Band - Rock
June 27 Beatnik Brown - Rock
July 4 Evening with Elvis featuring Tony Newell
July 11 Paul Michaels Blues Recruits
July 18 MILAGRO , Santana Tribute
July 25 Hidden Treasure – Jazz band
August 1 Beaucoup Blue -Blues
August 8 Mystic Rebel - Reggae
August 15 Deb Callahan Band
August 22 Soft Parade – Doors Tribute
August 29 Black Dog – Led Zeppelin Tribute
September 5 Splinter Sunlight – Grateful Dead Tribute

Due to the closing of the Gay Street Bridge, this year's concerts will be held in the parking lot at the corner of Bridge and Main Street's.


Barry Cassidy said…
Molly Maguire’s
Summer Street Music Series
is the name of the program
Barry Cassidy said…
thanks for making the change
RMorin said…
the santana cover band is pretty sweet. too bad the pink floyd cover band isn't coming back. that was the best one of last summer.
Anonymous said…
with all the parking problems on fri.nights how can anyone justify the closing of a parking lot every fri. just to host a band.lets bring more people to town and give them no place to park!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
What a great line up! We're excited to be kicking off the season.

Mason Porter
Anonymous said…
Sounds great : ) My husband and I were wondering why they wouldn't put the bands down at Gay and Bridge seeing as how the Bridge is already closed.
Anonymous said…
In the previous post, I meant to type seeing as how the bridge is already closed.'s late.
Anonymous said…
Oh my...seriously ignore me tonight, since I had it right in my first post.
Barry Cassidy said…
we will try to put a band at the area next to the French crepe joint...i have to make sure that i can get that fence moved back a little bit.

parking is tight...i know that. i can not block off a street because of the bridge being closed. so i am blocking off the lot every Friday.

parking is what it is...we are trying to work on it but until we have definitive authority to deal with the issues we are going with the hand that is dealt to us. those 47 spaces are normally taken up by the time anyone gets there for the concert. half the cars in that lot do not move for days.
Anonymous said…
Barry,thank you for your comment,but the 47 cars will just park on the street or the other municipal lot,or in front of neiborhood houses,and the town will still be 47 spaces down because of a band-let Molly,s put the band on their porch!

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